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(From Meditations in the Four Steps to Freedom Sacred Mystery School transcript.)

 "List ye well to this instruction, group energy affords you a greater opportunity to see other people in positions of their Ascension for you to offer assistance and support and is also for you to take note of what is being reflected back at you from you by them and [shows you]when you may make an adjustment within your internal being for if you see it as discord, for if you see it as wrong know that the discord is within you and not in them. 

If you could see them in total compassion and allow them to express knowing they are in an evolutionary cycle and that it is helping them to evolve into a higher plane and there is no judgment and no blame or criticism then truly it is said that you are one of our elite Brotherhood who understands the Great Command, ‘Judge ye not and be not judged.’  For in every judgment that you make, you are judging yourself.  Everything that you see that is wrong is wrong in you.  Everything that you criticize is criticism of self.  The anger is self-anger, look nowhere else to make correction but in yourself for there you would find [the] divine harmonic known throughout the Kingdom..."
-Lord Voton Pacal-

(From Walking the Gematria Trail, A Modern Day Guide to Spiritual Ascension book)

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