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Sensei Anthony R. Sanchez    &    Susan Hannah Sanchez

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Universal Law, God's Laws, and the Laws of Love

"Our original purpose for being on earth was to learn to become Masters of the physical plane where we evolve into co-creators with God, reaching our highest potential to fulfill our true God Reality.

Then we can affirm with KNOWING; ‘I AM THAT I AM’ the Divine Image of God, manifesting perfection in my being, the world, for the Children of God, and for everyone, everywhere, in God’s Supreme Name forever! Wherever ‘I AM THAT I AM,’ my very presence in the universe is a constant outpouring and release of God’s life, light, and God’s truth and freedom to all with whom I come in contact everyday in everyway!

So Be It, So Be It, So Be It; and So It Is. So let it be written on today’s Akashic Page. Amen

There is no mocking the natural Law of Cause and Effect or any of God’s Laws. If this process is ever used for selfish or impure motives, our manifestation will not be permanent, and we will suffer much through misuse of this creative process. However if we use God’s Laws for the highest good of all concerned and for the enrichment and illumination not only of ourselves, but all Humanity as well, we will be blessed beyond measure.

Our supply of every good thing will constantly increase as we use the knowledge and wisdom we have gained. We will no longer be trapped in miserable situations struggling to supply the needs of our physical existence. Instead we will be daily and hourly creating lives that will be fulfilling and rewarding in every way. We will truly be co-creators with God…Spiritual partners with the entire Company of Heaven, manifesting greater glory on earth for ourselves, and all beings evolving on this sweet planet.

This knowledge is being given to Humanity at this critical time on earth by the Ascended Masters and Beings of Light and Love who have set themselves eternally free from all human limitation by the correct application of these Laws. The Beings of Light are graciously offering us this Wisdom, so we too can enjoy our eternal freedom. If we joyously accept the blessing of these Sacred Laws and utilize them with discipline, we will experience the ultimate Mastery of our physical reality. Then we will be inspired to use this knowledge for the benefit of our fellow human beings and ALL life on earth, and all the way to God.

As you read these words and study these Laws, ask your God Presence to fill every fiber of your being with the gratitude, reverence, and humility worthy of this gift of KNOWLEDGE. Offer your LOVE, PRASIE, and GRATITUDE unceasingly to Father-Mother God, the Cosmic Beings of Light and Love, all of them, and your Holy Christ Self."

In Service to ALL, "I AM THAT I AM"

Sensei Anthony R. Sanchez

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