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Beloved Friends of Freedom

Do you know what the word “friend” really means, when you accept the responsibility of being a friend to a God-quality and to the Master who is its embodied radiation?  It means, in essence, that you are willing to give your life to amplify that quality, to further that cause, to assist that friend.  Giving one’s life, for a friend doe not necessarily mean “laying down” one’s life.  Rather, it is the constant qualification of the pure, primal substance that forms the silver cod by which you live, move and have your being, with the quality of freedom.  It means the consecration of that life each morning, to serve freedom.  It means the dedication of your thoughts, feelings and actions to the development of interest in that cause, the radiation of the feelings that give freedom to all life you contact, and the constant contemplation of the great Master whom you have called “friend”.

I ask you then, to be conscious this year 2011 of the deep purple Flame of Freedom, held within the Maltese Cross, in honor of the beloved Saint Germain, and as you honor that flame and accept it, join your praise to ours for its presence in the universe, for it is the only hope of redemption resuscitation and resurrection for any soul unascended today.

Love and Blessings
Lord Maha Chohan


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