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Beloved Ones Seeking the Use of the Power of Precipitation

I say: “ God bless you for seeking”. Thus you will find the science behind conscious precipitation and you will also have the assistance of the purifying activities of those who have dedicated themselves to removing the cause and core of selfish and impure motives, which might tempt you to use this power and its resultant gifts for personal pleasure and aggrandizement.

In my service with the nature kingdom, I have found such enjoyment in the obedient co-operation of all the Beings who form this kingdom, that I desire to impart to you the feeling of joy in conscious precipitation of some God gift. Let me say here, that any member of the human race can precipitate happiness, peace, or any God virtue through the self conscious control of the quality of energy released through the emotional body! All our gentle readers know how much distress has been precipitated by the ungoverned feelings of mankind.

Proximity to the ESSENCE of that flame, faithful invocation of the brother or sister from the Rocky Mountain Retreat  into your Presence and daily applications , frequent visits in consciousness to this retreat , especially in the next thirty days , all of these stimulate the use of your own precipitating power and your desire to use that power constructively, impersonally and beneficially for the upliftment of the race. I cannot urge you too strongly to take advantage of visiting the retreat  and mingling freely with Divine Beings who are present there. The old adage “Show me your company and I will tell you who you are” holds true with divine association as well as human. Keep divine company in your thoughts and feelings and you will externalize the nature of your friends, even as keeping company with undesirable human beings affects seriously your own nature, actions and even your physical appearance, in time!

As beloved Lanto (dressed in glorious Chinese green, deeply banded at the sleeves and the hem with pure gold) stands at the door of the Great Council Hall and welcomes you, reach forth your hand to greet him. Accept his love and hospitality, he will them graciously turn you over to the particular Being whose ray you serve and you will enter the antechamber where others of the same ray are gathered. Together, as he breathes forth that Precipitation Flame, you can become part of it by breathing it into yourself and then by consciously projecting it into the world in which you presently abide.

Walk through the corridors of the retreat. Read the scrolls of the Celestial Ones upon the panels outside their council rooms. Enter into those rooms and listen to the Masters Of Wisdom as they speak upon the activities in which they are engaged. It will truly stimulate your spiritual progress.

Anticipating your Presence at Lanto’s blessed retreat, where I hope I shall meet you often during this thirty day period, I AM always your loving Guru and Comforter.  (color of the flame Chinese green)

Lord Maha Chohan

September 2012 

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