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Conscious Percipitation of Good

Lord Maha Chohan

The power of precipitation is part of the divine heritage of every individual. Such a one is, in fact, literally precipitated, himself from the heart of the Cosmic I AM Presence into being. The constant flow of life which keeps the individual “I AM” conscious as such a being (intelligent, creative, and directive in nature) is also an activity of precipitation from that Cosmic I AM Presence to and through the individualized I AM Presence of every lifestream is for the express purpose of allowing the individualized I AM Presence to create (in any sphere) that portion of the divine plan which such an individualized I AM Presence has accepted as its reason for being . The individual-ized I AM Presence decides, through the use of its own free-will in which sphere it will act. Then it draws that life required to create sustainable vehicles for its service in any such sphere. Be assured that any such service is GOOD in ESSENCE and in form.

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