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Lord Maha Chohans Message


Comfort from my heart is yours for the asking! How have I attained the position (unenviable in many respects) of becoming responsible to transmit comfort to every part of life, to electron, mineral, animal, bird and man? It is because I desired within my heart to be a comforting presence to all life. My desire was coupled with action (the necessary self-discipline and preparation) which qualified me for this position. Each one of you today is qualifying yourself in like manner to become some such “conductor” of a God-virtue to the evolution, which you now, or in the future, will serve.

I learned something of the nature and feeling of divine comfort from contemplating of those whose energies already had become comforting presences and, in time I too could generate and radiate at will a comforting feeling to the energy around me. One day, the call came! I was found ready to be the focus of this virtue and I took the vow, joyously withal, fully cognizant of the responsibility of such a service. I shall remain this focus of divine comfort to life until another evolves to a point where he may be such a comforting presence and I am-released from this service to a greater one.

Today, you enter the halls of the Temple of Comfort at Ceylon. You breathe in its essence! Throughout each day’s activities you can saturate your own energies with that essence, fill your tubes of light with my feeling of comfort and be MYSELF in action to all you contact in anyway. Thus you and I become one!

Love and blessings, 

Lord Maha Chohan

September 2012

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