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The Great White Brotherhood has a spirit, even as Shamballa! This spirit was born when Sanat Kumara first conceived the idea of helping the Earth and its attendant evolutions towards redemption. As Sanat Kumara is a Great Being of Solar Light, the  spirit born from his heart was naturally conceived, nourished and externalized in PERFECTION. The Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood lived in Shamballa, nourished by Sanat Kumara and his helpers, until it grew strong, radiant and magnetic in the atmosphere of Earth.

When the first individual (Lord Gautama) responded to the magnetic pull of the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, that spirit was happy indeed! It welcomed Lord Gautama and, shortly thereafter, Lord Maitreya into Shambala and into the presence of the shining Lord of the World. Every time these two pioneers returned to Shambala to learn more of the Law of Love, they left something of themselves to the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and thus it grew in grace by each such visitation!

As the long ages rolled by may others responded to the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and, when they went forth on their mission they always brought back the harvest of their service to the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, adding to the enthusiasm, joy, illumination, and constancy of that pulsating spirit. Thus age after age this spirit has become a more and more potent power in the affairs of all mankind, through the ministrations of those who love and serve that spirit along the seven constructive lines of endeavor which it is my privilege to guide, guard and protect.

Accept the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood  (the full gathered conscious momentum of all the Illuminati who have blessed this Earth) and allow that spirit, through YOU, to stimulate the manifestation of your part in God’s divine plan.

As NOTHING  OF  LASTING  BENEFIT  TO  LIFE  IS  ACCOMPLISHED  WITHOUT UNITY  OF  PURPOSE,  DESIGN  AND  ENTHUSIASM,  I thank God for the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. I, too, responded to the call of love and entered Shamballa, became imbued with the love of Sanat Kumara and filled my cup (consciousness) from the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. Thus I have been sustained through ages in a seemingly endless task, the redemption of destructively qualified energies through LOVE!

None of us has ever brought to the spirit of the Great White Brotherhood anything of an imperfect nature. All of us have given to this spirit ALL, without reservation for love’s sweet sake! Thus, we (having complied with the Law by not attempting to despoil the beauty of the Great White Brotherhood) have received from that spirit all the impetus we have required from time to time as the need arose for greater assistance than our personal momentums could give. The wonderful selflessness of this spirit is truly beautiful. It gives ALL to anyone whose motive is pure and unselfish and it asks for nothing in return but greater opportunity to express for the benefaction of the entire evolutionary scheme. Would that man find such UNITY in himself, his family, racial, national and planetary life!

September 2012

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