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The Use of the Spirit of Resurrection 


Life, in its primal essence, is obedient to the qualification of self-conscious intelligence (ascended or otherwise), those beings who have chosen through their own thought and feeling centers to develop a momentum of the resurrecting power give that power as an impersonal heritage to all life following them upon the pathway toward redemption. Thus, there are momentums of healing, of peace, of illumination, of resurrection, etc. which can be magnetized and utilized by any and all kingdoms, in order to develop and purify their individual worlds, as well as the kingdom to which they belong. Such is the Spirit of Resurrection.

Many of mankind know nothing of the presence of this spirit and fewer still know how to tune into that spirit and make it their own. The nature kingdom of which I am supervisor, opens itself eagerly, willingly and obediently to the infusion of this spirit and, through it, manifest the so called “miracle” of Resurrection in each Springtime. These comparative few who have already made their ascension from this Earth (desiring within themselves to resuscitate the energies of their world) have also used it and their freedom and ascent from the shadows have proven its efficacy to act for them. When we look at Easter Season, when we acknowledge one who proved the power of the Resurrection Flame as the victorious “ overcoming of the last enemy” (death), we hope some others will choose to invoke and utilize this flame also and find the practical results in a resurrected soul, mind, body and feeling world.


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