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The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You

Address by Our Beloved Lord Maha Chohan

Dearly beloved children of the one eternal God seeking again your way back “home”, where is that “home”?  It is really just a state of continued, uninterrupted harmony in which we abide. “Home” is where the feelings, the thoughts, the memories, spoken words and actions are in complete harmony with the Music of the Spheres at all times, with the Godhead and with one’s own fellow man. To maintain this state of uninterrupted harmony within one’s four lower bodies (physical, etheric, mental and emotional) is the choice of one’s free-will.

We who have gained the glory and the victory of the ascension know the peace which is experienced by those who dwell within the absolute harmony of being. At your call, we direct our energies to you, as well as our spoken word when given opportunity so to do and there is always available to you, for your acceptance and use, all the radiation of the full-gathered momentums of perfection which are within our Causal Bodies. Now, if you were to use your free-will to direct and hold your attention often enough and long enough upon us, daily, thus drawing forth into your world here the perfection which exist in our realm, you would find that there is absolutely nothing else important enough to allow it to change the vibratory action of your consciousness, by allowing discord to register there.

So, you have a very simple key to the attainment of your own ascension. That ascension is not accomplished in a moment but over the course of many lives through the bringing of your thoughts, feelings, memories, gestures, spoken words and every activity of the outer self into a state of sustained harmony. Then, at any moment, should the Great Masters of Light desire to use you as a conductor of their light and through you give some blessing to the life around you, there light will find no opposition or resistance from any impurity in you world. After all, such impurity is only a lack of harmoniously qualified energy in your four lower bodies. When the complete purification of those bodies finally has taken place and sustained harmony is your natural way of life, then will the glories of the Causal body flow freely through the silver cord into your outer consciousness and use, then will the immortal Three-fold Flame expand within you filling your aura with perfume and radiance, then you will individually become those channels of love and light, prosperity, healing, peace, comfort, truth and faith and every God-virtue which the world desires and requires so much in its present state.

We are working toward the establishing of such radiating centers of God-love and light through unascended lifestreams who still belong to the emotional, mental, etheric, and physical  bodies of mankind and we are endeavoring to teach your outer consciousness how to become such centers. When we can have a collective group who are in sustained harmony and accord, know their reason for being, desire that sustained harmony more than the enjoyment of having their own way, then we will have a group-center for a sphere of influence and a forcefield which can become world-wide at a moments notice. Through such centers and forcefields, the God-Beings will then be able to direct their specific momentums into the consciousness of unascended mankind for the blessing and upliftment of the race.

The kingdom of heaven to which Jesus referred when he said that the kingdom was within you, we might call “ the kingdom of harmony” for all is complete and sustained harmony in that realm in which we abide. Long ago, having victoriously passed through the same Earth experiences as you are encountering today, we have earned the right to live here. That kingdom of harmony is also within you and, by the complete surrender of your outer consciousness to the immortal Three-fold Flame of love, wisdom, and power within your beating heart (listening for and obeying the “ still small voice” within it) you allow it’s full God-authority to act for and through you. You then allow it’s authority to produce and sustain for you peace in your feelings, your minds, your etheric as well as your flesh bodies.

IN just such a manner was the beloved Jesus enabled to instantly still the waves of the sea. As you daily practice this surrender of the outer personality to the flame within, you will find that the kingdom which is within you will then be externalized through and around you. Then you will move in a “charmed” world, magnetizing into your daily practical use, whatever you require at the moment from your God-partner above (Cosmic Beings, Ascended Masters, angelic hosts, and all who abide there in the realms of Light). Thus you are in a position to radiate and send forth those blessings to your fellowman, with no thought of self-acclaim.

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