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Decrees for Expanding the Light

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence and blessed beloved Astrea!
LOCK your Cosmic Circle and Sword of Blue Flame as of a thousand suns in, through, and all around all imperfect human concepts and orthodox entities, as well as in, through and around the “mass consciousness” of superstition, doubt and fear!
Close in upon them all and TRANSMUTE (3X) them all, cause, effect, record and memory, before they can act, manifest, or longer be sustained! Replace them by the full power of the Flame of the Sacred Love of the Sacred Fire.

Blessed beloved Presence of God I AM in me and blessed beloved Kuthumi!
Give to us an understanding heart today
Help us to redeem our Earth God’s Way!
BELOVED I AM! I now command! Do it today! Do it to stay! (3X)

Beloved Presence of God in me, and Holy Christ Selves of all belonging to and assisting Earth’s evolution!
Obey the fiat of Lord Buddha
And expand thy light today!
Transmute all imperfection
In God’s most holy way!
BELOVED I AM! I now command! Do it today! Do it to stay! (3X)

Beloved Presence of God I AM in me and beloved Saint Germain! Transmute all destructive etheric memories from all the evolutions belonging to or serving the Earth today! Replace these memories by the perfection and joy of service, God’s way!
I AM the resurrection and the life of my divine memory and that of all mankind of all the glory I had with the Father before the world was! BELOVED I AM (3X)

Beloved Mighty Presence of God I AM , within my beating heart, the source of my very life, I call in your name, love, wisdom, power and authority, to the beloved Saint Germain and beloved Neptune, to keep instantaneous, eternally sustained and ever-expanding, oceans of the Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love, sweeping up, in, through and around my entire being and world, especially my emotional body.
Let that Flame of the Sacred Fire loosen, dislodge, and then transmute into pure light essence, all those “wedges” of heavy, dark substance, replacing them, as they are transmuted, with the pure light substance and feelings of my own Holy Christ Self, forever sustained and ever expanding.
Let my Holy Christ Self now take immediate, complete and eternal command, control and possession of my entire being and world, and let it live in, through and around me. Let me truthfully say, “It is no longer I that live, but Christ, who liveth in me.”
That which I call forth for myself, I call forth for all mankind, everywhere, and especially for the water element, which has been man’s obedient servant and faithful friend, all down the ages.
Let the water element be now permanently purified and set free from that which God never meant to be!
I consciously accept this done RIGHT NOW, with full power (3X)


Blessed, beloved Immortal Threefold Flame of  Eternal Truth within my heart---my beloved Unfed Flame---that blessed mother expression of my own divinity, I JUST ADORE YOU! COME NOW INTO OUTER ACTION IN ANSWER TO MY CALL. ARISE, ARISE, ARISE! Take complete, immediate and eternal command of all the energies of my entire being and world. Purify and illumine them, and COMPEL thy perfect balance of love, wisdom and power to rule me and my world all ways in undisputed and un-denied AUTHORITY of love’s perfection over everything in my being and world and all I contact forever. I accept this done RIGHT NOW with full power! So help me beloved Kuthumi! (3X)

Beloved Mighty Presence of God I AM in me and beloved Paul the Venetian!
CHARGE, CHARGE, CHARGE, into my being and world, particularly my emotional body, YOUR ASCENDED MASTER FEELING of the desire and ability to throw the full weight of my feelings at all times upon the reality and reliability of the Unfed Flame in my own heart, knowing it is the creator of my outer form and consciousness and that I live  by its power, alone. I consciously accept this done RIGHT NOW, with full power (3X)

God is you….you are God…..God is the Resuurection and the Life of our memory that we are His/Her expressions of that life on Earth, through our Holy Christ Self, that is God!

by The Lord Maha Chohan the Holy Spirit
January 13, 2013
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