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Kuthumi on Fear

July 22, 2011

Beloved ones of the One True Light, hear ye my call…

In the days ahead, there will be great fears that will surface around the world.  We tell you now, do not buy into the fear.  We are speaking of the recording that is flying around the internet today, speaking of imminent dangers to the people of Earth and especially the people of the United States of America.

This is a ploy by the powers that be to frighten and subjugate the people to once again, give up their power to the control of these powers that be especially in the economic system of greed that now prevails.  DO NOT sink into fear, but act accordingly to the “higher perspective” we are leading you into.

This recording was engrained, by those who are desperately trying to hold on to their power, for they can see the writing on the wall.  Their days are numbered, for Humanity is awakening and questioning what they took for granted before.

The Light work that you have all been doing has created many openings for the truth to take root and it is unstoppable, now.  These other fear generating Entities, feel that creating fear within Humanity will help them regain their control.

Maintain your centers, stay calm, and keep your Light as a member of the Golden Robe, radiant.  This helps so much for us to continue to provide assistance with the One True Light of the Kingdom of I AM.

I Kuthumi, and Sananda, along with the other Elder brothers and sisters, reassure you now, that there will be no disastrous attacks upon your cities: there will be an unraveling of your economic system and you may all experience shortages of food and supplies.  Prepare yourselves for this as best you can and continue to hold the Light in your hearts and beings.  Remain calm and Peaceful.  Hold the Light steady.  Hold in your minds, the vision of a New Earth, beautiful and pristine, with Peace an Harmony, permeating every form of Life upon  her.

Now beloveds, it is time for a lesson that you must come to accept and put into practice, now.



As it was already mentioned, you need to release your hidden emotions of fear to be a clear channel and therefore become able to manifest what your inner guidance will prompt you to do for the perfect unfolding of your personal mission in this lifetime.

Fear is one of the most devastating, hindrances to the evolution of Humanity.  It is fear that prevents you from listening to the direct guidance you continually receive within yourselves, as to what has to be done in every moment of your lives.  When you let fear interfere with the normal process of attunement with this inner guiding force that keeps wisely suggesting to you the best path of action or the best attitude in any situation, then you can only be totally confused as to what you should think, say, and do.

Ponder this that most of the excesses of consumption in your world of form, in all its forms, are fed by fear…fear of starving to death, of not being able to survive, fear of having less than the next person, fear of not being able to compete, fear of not looking good enough, being clean enough, young enough, or thin enough, or being smart enough, fear of being unloved, fear of falling sick, and so on.  Such are the real messages behind the messages staring at you from most billboards anywhere on the planet.

This lesson, therefore is about reminding you that, as soul and spirit, you are all perfect as you are – for you are unique expressions of divinity and as such, you should be spending all your time and energy in bringing forth that uniqueness and not in trying to conform to somebody else’s ideas, suggestions, product, system, technique or agenda.


If this uniqueness becomes the force of your life, then you will slowly learn to conquer the fear of rejection, because you will soon understand that those who reject you are themselves still ignorant of the laws of the Universe and the lessons they should be learning.  People who reject others are often just beginners, who have not yet learned the first lesson, anyway (The Law of Love, The Law of Life, The Law of the Eternal) so they should not be allowed to become our reference points, on how to get on with your own lives.  Never forget that those who meddle in other people’s lives always do so in order to avoid facing their own problems, issues, and unresolved conflicts.  Typically, such people know it all when it applies to others, but fail-miserably when it touches their own lives.

Know that as far as learning goes, nothing has changed, you are all still and forever in class, and those who look within will learn, while those altogether who look without, will eventually fail or drop out altogether.  Which is also all right – they will just have to keep coming back – again and again!

Learn to trust yourself and our guidance and listen to your inner voice, whispering in your heart all the time.

“You are life, you are love, you are light—

You are God I AM”


Learn to move on with expressing your own inner beauty and uniqueness, instead of worrying and conforming to whatever someone else has decided you could or you should be.  Take care that you never give your power to anyone or anything, especially, the unascended consciousness of lower man.  Refuse to be a slave to any trend, tendency or fashion.  Keep your inner power all to yourself, rejoice in your uniqueness, treasure it as the precious gift that it really is.  Be an original.  That is who you really are.


Train to be bold and dare to be different – after all, that is not just who you are, but also what you came here to share with the world.  Learn to fear nothing and no-one in the knowledge that there is, indeed, nothing to fear but fear itself.

Never fear your GOD or your GOD-SELF,  for He is Love, non-judgment, perfect peace, perfect abundance, perfect health, and all the joyful expression of life.  Learn to develop a joyful on-going dialogue with Him in all things that you do or dream of doing, and He will guide and inspire you at all times.  Learn to trust the fact that if He walks with you, who could possibly stop you?

Learn to see all fear in your life for what it really is: an emotion, albeit a powerful one, but also a sign of your disconnection from God – The Source of All. The greater your fear – the greater your disconnection.  In all things, trust that you are cared for.  Control your fearful, and limiting thoughts, for they keep creating more of the same reality you have already created.

Learn to discard the need for outside approval, and look for it within your own soul.  Ask for guidance and protection from the DIVINE PRESENCE within yourself.  Make sure that all you do and dream about is for your greater good and the greater good of all.  This is how you will conquer fear of failure in all your endeavors.

When you learn this lesson and integrate it’s power, then you really trust and know that you are sustained and loved infinitely whatever happens.

Lovers and friends come and go, but your love for yourself stays and when there is love there can be no fear.  Where there is love there can be no judgment, where there is love there can be no doubt, no lack, nor failure of any kind.

Learning to conquer fear is learning to see all others as you see yourself – DIVINE ESSENCE and unique in the heart of our loving FATHER – MOTHER GOD!

Learn to use the words: “YOU HAVE NO POWER” each time a situation; a person or a thought creates fear or anxiety in you. I suggest you use the following mantra in ALL situations of anger, conflict, where fear can bring out the worst in you and take control of your mind and words.  Learn to say this instead:


The next time you are confronted with any situation of fear, be it in the form of aggression, rejection, unhealthy competition or outright anger, try this Sacred Mantra, which was given to us by Lord Maitreya:


Keep repeating this silently to yourself and watch all things of fear melt into nothingness.  Fear is a thing of the EGO.  Soul is free of it.

Take a couple of deep breaths, when ready, visualize a spiral of white light above your head, covering your throat and penetrating all the way to the heart, then say aloud in your meditation:


Then go out there and Be Love and Speak .  Share your gifts with the world.  That is why you are here.  That is why I AM here.  That is why we are here.  Say to yourself often:





Say this until you feel and know it is reality in your everyday living.  For I Kuthumi assure you, IT WILL COME TO PASS.

Remember Beloveds-----

Celebrate who you are, rather than what you do.

Practice seeing others for who they are, rather than for what they do.


I take my leave now, Beloved Ones.  Thank you for holding the Light, and for being Beacons of Light, which Lights up the World.

We are always with you.  Call upon us at anytime.  We will come.

In Love and Gratitude.

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