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Mastery of the Four Lower Bodies Through Rhythmic Breathing

Through the control of the breath, I AM Kuthumi, telling you, there can be drawn, healing for every cell of the physical and inner bodies, all disease, (including cancer and leprosy) can be so healed.  This rhythmic breathing and breath control is one of the first steps to complete mastery of the individuals world, for it allows the Holy Christ Self, through the expansion of the immortal Three-fold Flame, within the heart, to purify all the energies in the physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies.  As the Beloved Maha Chohan has pointed out to us all before, those that employ this practice will see definite results.  As first, whatever body has been having its own way with our energies up to this time, will probably attempt to rebel when this practice is first started.  Therefore, it might be well to take five (5) minutes, regularly – three times a day and after a week or so, increase the time given to this exercise if the individual wishes to do so.

First of all, the student should either sit or lie down in as quiet a place as possible, making very sure that he is undisturbed during the time he is going to do this exercise.  Regularity of experiment is of the utmost importance, for in rhythm of continuity, the individual gains strength of purpose, dexterity of action and confidence in ultimate accomplishment.

Consciously see the immortal Three-fold Flame within the heart expand until it is much larger than the physical body (at least filling your tube of Light which is about 9 feet in diameter.)  This Three-fold Flame is composed of three “plumes” of dazzling light substance, the gold plume in the center, blue to the left and pink to the right.  These should be pictured as good, true, bright shades of these colors.  The more brilliantly they are pictured, the more powerfully they will act.  The flame should extend at least 3 feet below the individual’s feet and about 3 feet above his head, the physical body being within the center of the Golden Flame.


Then see the “Golden Man” (the Christ) within the heart, released from his airless cell arise and completely fill the physical form, thus giving the Holy Christ Self complete possession and control of that form.  (In case of embodied angels, who have come from the Great Central Sun, the “Golden Man” within the heart would be a White Fire Being.  If this is the case, then expand that white light, do you see?)  To expand this immortal Three-fold Flame in, through and around one, use this statement:

“ O, thou beloved immortal Three-fold Flame of Eternal Truth within my heart,  E X P A N D  and  DO  THY  COSMIC  WORK!”

 Say this 3 times with FEELING, knowing it has been waiting for centuries (since we first forgot its Presence within us) to obey your commands for its expansion, bring your world into, Divine Order, Through Divine Love!  Picture this large, blazing immortal Three-fold Flame around the physical body—call directly to your own Electronic Presence, the “I AM” and say:


I AM inbreathing th’ plan divine fulfilled from my beloved I AM.

I AM absorbing th’ plan divine fulfilled from my beloved I AM.

I AM expanding th’ plan divine fulfilled from my beloved I AM.

I AM projecting th’ plan divine fulfilled from my beloved I AM.


The above are used on the indrawn, held, out-breathed and projected breath, as we use them in the Transmission Classes and as taught in The Illumined Realms.  In this exercise, particularly in the beginning, one could just do the above 4 statements, once—and once for each set of the following: After the above then say:


I AM inbreathing th’ full accumulation of all the good in my Causal Body.

I AM absorbing th’ full accumulation of all the good in my Causal Body.

I AM expanding th’ full accumulation of all the good in my Casual Body.

I AM projecting th’ full accumulation of all the good in my Causal Body.


Then follow with and say:


I AM inbreathing th’ nature of God from my beloved Holy Christ Self.

I AM absorbing the’ nature of God from my beloved Holy Christ Self.

I AM expanding th’ nature of God from my beloved Holy Christ Self.

I AM projecting th’ nature of God from my beloved Holy Christ Self.


Having done that, YOU  HAVE  PREPARED  YOUR  ALTAR  OF  THE SACRED  FIRE by qualifying it with the  FULL  PERFECTION  of your Three Higher Vehicles (I AM PRESENCE, CAUSAL BODY and HOLY CHRIST SELF).   You have now consciously drawn the full power and authority of the perfection of your lifestreams into this Three-fold FLAME anchored within (and expanded from) your heart.  Do you see?

Now in order to increase the power, activity and quality of any specific virtue of The Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame of God within your heart, you can consciously invite the fully gathered momentum of any God-Free being to accelerate that particular virtue through that flame within your heart by this exercise (we have chosen the Violet Fire of Transmutation, as purification is most required by unascended beings at this hour calling into action the assistance of Holy Amethyst, the Archaii who represents the purifying feeling of the Violet Flame.)

Then for the purification of the four lower bodies, through the Three-fold activity of the flame—see that large, expanded Three-fold Flame turn  COMPLETELY  VIOLET —dazzling, blazing bright – the flame in all-powerful action.  See the three plumes of pink, gold, and blue ALL TURN VIOLET!  The more powerful you want the flame, the deeper you visualize its color and the more dazzling you picture its action.


Say this now:


I AM inbreathing the Violet Fire of Transmutation from Holy Amethyst.

I AM absorbing the Violet Fire of Transmutation from Holy Amethyst.

I AM expanding the Violet Fire of Transmutation from Holy Amethyst.

I AM projecting the Violet Fire of Transmutation from Holy Amethyst.


Now the “stage” is completely set for the  PURIFICATION  OF  THE  FOUR  LOWER  BODIES.

Consciously begin to draw into this  ALL  POWERFUL  VIOLET  FIRE  by which you are now surrounded  ALL  THE  IMPURITY  in your EMOTIONAL (feeling) BODY – DRAWING  IT  IN  ON  THE  INBREATH, INTO  THIS  PURIFYING  FLAME.  Hold it then on the “absorbing” or held breath, (feeling it being purified in that furnace of Sacred Fire).  Then breathe that purified energy out again into the emotional body on the “expanding” or out breath and  PROJECT  its purification out into the atmosphere around you and into the Transmission Flame, which is constantly encircling the Earth during the period of its 30 day-service each month.

We suggest the following statement to be used for indrawing the impurities of each body (in turn) as that substance is drawn into the Sacred Fire (whatever flame is used):


I AM inbreathing for purification, all th’ energy of my feeling world.     (On this statement, feel it drawing in.)

I AM absorbing for purification all the’ energy of my feeling world.      (On the held breath, feel it purified.)


I AM expanding this purified energy of Christ perfection into my feeling world.  (Here see that energy expanded to the atmosphere around you.)

I AM projecting this purified energy of Christ perfection into my feeling world.  (Now see this purified energy picked up and carried away on the Transmission Flame to add to the light of the world.)


Then take the impure energy of your  MENTAL  BODY  in the same manner, using the same technique as that suggested for the emotional body.  After that, do the same for the  ETHERIC  BODY  and then the PHYSICAL.  As we said above, in the beginning, it is best to stay with this practice about 5 minutes at a time.  The time can be increased as the individual gets more and more accustomed to managing the breath and the bodies begin to realize that they have met their eternal, loving, but unyielding master at last!

Of course, one may use the Three-fold Flame in ANY COLOR he wishes, according to the quality he desires to charge into these four lower bodies.  We used the Violet Flame, because of the great need for Transmutation of the impure energies there.  Beloved Saint Germain said years ago that today, about 90% of the energy of the unascended individuals world is qualified with discord!  For that reason, we suggest the Violet Fire FIRST!

However, if one wants to charge these bodies with TRUTH, for instance, of course that flame would be colored in the individual’s “minds eye” with a beautiful shade of Chinese Green.  If divine love is desired, color the flame a beautiful shade of pink and so on…..blue for energy, power and faith…..dazzling white for purity…..crystal (iridescent) for resurrection…..yellow for illumination…..gold for peace and ministration of blessings to all.  The deeper the shade and the more dazzling the color used, the greater the power drawn through that particular flame.  The technique is the same for all the flames.  Just change the color of the Three-fold Flame in, through and around the body, to render the desired service of qualification.


Adonai Beloveds, Precious Masters and Chelas of the Golden Robe,

I AM Kuthumi

Master of the Golden Robe

Master of the Illumined Spirit of Christ Consciousness

February 8, 2012

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