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Messages of the Masters

“Bow your heads for a moment.  Take a deep breath in and breathe in God’s peace.  Exhale God’s peace into the room and let your shoulders relax.  Continue breathing in God’s peace and each time that you exhale, relax another part of your body letting all of your stress, your tensions and the weariness of the day flow out of you and into Mother Earth.  

She uses it as fertilizer to grow her new buds that are sprouting the new tulips, the new daffodils; the new spring life that is springing forth; you are helping them.   You are making a contribution to this Mother now by recycling. 

Just as your carbon dioxide through your exhale gives life to the trees and the trees reciprocate by giving you oxygen to breathe.  So you are doing another process in the Circle of Life but this time you are releasing your tension, your worries into Mother Earth who knows exactly what to do with these energies to turn them into greater good."
-Master Lady Nada-

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