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Mother Mary



“To feel the attunement with the Holy Spirit, at all times, is something which was taught to me before I could be given the opportunity to bear the Christ and assist him in his mission.  For, if you are not in attunement with God at all times, how can He act for you in time of danger, or crisis, or opposition?  It means that in the presence of danger, you must, first make your attunement before you can receive assistance. 

In the life of a disciple, there is no time for this, Beloved ones.  Attunement must be [as] ready as armor [and] as a sword of truth.  When you are in a battle, you cannot run back to the lines and put on your armor and your sword after the enemy has launched [the] attack; there you must be ready.

Attunement, therefore, is somewhat of a subconscious quality.  It is begun with the outer mind; it is begun by its supplication, by the prayer to the Holy Christ Self to take command and continue the prayers and decrees of your heart throughout the 24 hours.  This is an important request, and should be made by you each morning before you even rise from your beds.  You must say to yourself…if you would follow in the pathway of the Mother of the World and of the Christ:

‘Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, Father of all Life-
Act on my behalf this day:

Fill my form. release the Light that is necessary
For me to go forth to do Thy Will,
And see that at every hand the decisions I make
Are according to Thy holy Will.

See that my energies are used to magnify the LORD
In everyone whom I meet.

See to it that thy holy Wisdom released to me
Is used constructively for the expansion of God’s Kingdom and above all, beloved Heavenly Father,
I command my spirit unto Thee.

 [I] ask that, as Thy Flame is One with my Flame,
the union of these two Flames shall pulsate to effect in my world the continuous alertness and attunement, which I need with Thy holy Presence, With the Holy Spirit, and with the World Mother.”
-Mother Mary-

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