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Willingness to Serve

By Beloved Neptune

I am speaking very plainly to you tonight! There are some who, (like the ostrich with his head in the sand) do not like the discomfort of hearing the actual facts, as they exist which caused the distresses that plague the race, now and in time to come. There are some who prefer to dwell “on the side of perfection”, stating blissfully that “everything will come out fine”. Surely, it will, but someone has to be willing to make the calls to remove the causes and cores of the distressing appearances so that those effects may quickly disappear, then by decree set up new causes, which will result in effects of perfection! If you don’t want to know what the distressing conditions or appearances are or what caused them, you will be of little assistance to us in removing their causes and cores. However, if you are strong and intelligent enough to want to know, we will tell you. The fiat of the hour is PURITY AND TRUTH! To the “few” who desire TRUTH and who are willing to lovingly co-operate with the necessary applications to bring about PURITY, we shall continue to come. Others will later enjoy the fruits of your labors and self-righteously say: “See? We knew it would come out fine” but they will refuse to accept the calls which have been made by the “few” have brought about the perfection they desire. So, be not disappointed if you find lack of gratitude among the masses of people and even among the students of Spiritual Law.

Serve just for the joy of serving, with your minds and hearts open to our guidance and, one day; when the Earth is established as a planet of purity and peace and the waters of the Earth are again a blessed comfort to mankind, you will know that you have played an important part in this service, also, in playing such a part, you are not only gaining your own mastery and victory but your are redeeming too much of your own energies which, in the past, has been charged into the various malpractices of embodiments long since forgotten. If you choose to call me for personal assistance as I have described it above, I, in turn, shall help you with your own emotional purification, which will bring you PEACE.

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