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Sensei Anthony R. Sanchez    &    Susan Hannah Sanchez

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Outpourings of St. Germain # 1

Messenger: Sensei Anthony R. Sanchez - Linear Liaison: M. A. Johnson

#1 Salutation 

“Oh sons and daughters of the light, St. Germain, said am I so unexpected a visitor that I surprise you?  Surely you know quite well that when thinking of me, you are in contact with me and when I think of you, I am with you.  In meditation your attention [a] upon me and so I appear.  Is that not according to the law?  Then why not accept it as natural?  What one thinks upon he draws unto himself.

Allow me to suggest that you train yourself never to be surprised, disappointed, or [allow] your feelings [to be] hurt under any circumstances for perfect self control of the forces within you at all times is dominion and that is the reward for those who tread the pathway of light and correction of the human self.

Remember always that the right to command, which [is] dominion, is only permanently retained by those who have first learned to obey because he who has learned obedience to the Law of the One becomes a being of cause only and that cause is love.  This in reality becomes the Law of One through the quality of similarity.  Watch so nothing goes out from you except that which is harmonious and do not allow a destructive word to pass your lips even in jest.  Remember you deal with a force of some kind every instant of eternity and you are its qualifier at all times.

I come to take you on an important journey, a journey into the God Self.  Remember that the God Self is the key to harmony, beauty, truth, and perfection.  My son only if the people of America could understand what tremendous possibilities stand before them waiting, waiting, waiting for them to turn away from creeds, cults, dogmas, isms, and all else that binds and limits by keeping their attention from the Great God Presence within their own hearts.  Oh that they might realize what freedom, power, and light await their service dependent only on their recognition and use of the great loving Presence within breathing through them each moment know and feel the all mighty control it has over all manifestation. 

Oh could they realize that their bodies are the temples of the most high living God who is ruler of both Heaven and Earth that they might know what it means to love through that Mighty Self.  Talk to it, acknowledge it in all things and feel the reality of that Presence with at least as great a certainty as they do other persons and things.  If they could only feel the closeness and reality of the great Presence deeply even for a moment, nothing could ever again stand between them and the same mighty supreme accomplishment as Jesus and other Ascended Masters who have attained.

When Jesus said all these things I have done ye shall do and even greater things shall ye do.  He knew whereof he spoke.” said St. Germain. 

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