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Uxmal, South of Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico


Exciting days lie ahead for all of us going to this spectacular event of a lifetime.  Memories are awaiting you of the profound experience of the Mayan culture in Mexico and the Caribbean.  This is a special invitation to those select few who heard the Heart Call to attend and answered.  You are in for a very enlightening experience as a participant in a major global shift of consciousness on our planet.  Father-Mother God thanks you as I do and all the Celestial realms await you.  We will experience miracles as an everyday event and create our own reality as we go along, being led by our higher Selves and Spirit. 

This is a Sacred Journey.  We are going there to give our Love to the area and to help anchor Christ Consciousness, the dawning of the Golden Age unto our planet and in the Hearts of ALL our Brothers and Sisters.

Please remember that God always provides for all your needs, when you step out and do the work you were called to do.  Your comfort and experience are always under consideration.  There will be plenty of time to explore and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, its sun and starry nights.

This is a highly recommended experience for quantum growth at All levels of your Being for Spirit to meet with Soul. 

If you hear the Heart Call, come and be with the Light and Love that emanates from this Sacred Site and ready yourself to experience some very Cosmic feelings, signs, sounds and personal transformation.  A lot of Good Energy is available here for you to expand your awareness.  We will be learning techniques that Ascended Masters used to Be who they are and with their loving assistance, we will leave with this knowledge as our new way of Being.

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