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Sensei Anthony R. Sanchez    &    Susan Hannah Sanchez

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You will be initiated privately in the Great Pyramid at Giza where all illumined Masters of yesterday and today go to receive benediction and the light of I AM.  The radiation of the Masters can be keenly felt throughout your being at the holy temples.

We will visit ground zero where you will have an opportunity to create and manifest your own true great desire.  The King's chamber is where the sarcophagus is located, which is where the energy from the Fibonacci feminine energy coalesces to meet the Golden Mean masculine energy and returns to the Source of ALL. 

You will be bathed in the pure feminine and masculine energies in  balanced form. We will be allowed to visit sites ordinary tourists never get to see.   In Serapis Bey's Temple of Ascension, Purity and Hope in Luxor  we will spend two days and nights receiving the radiation of this great Ascended Master paving the way for our own personal Ascension in consciousness and being.

We will visit the Red Sea and Mt. Sinai where Moses received the Ten Commandments and saw the Flaming Bush, which told him to say, "I AM that I AM sent you."

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