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Sensei Anthony R. Sanchez    &    Susan Hannah Sanchez

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Fajada Butte, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, USA

Beloveds, in these fast changing times some reinforcing is needed to keep our goals and lives aloft. The energies that are coalescing around us now is going to cause unsettling times physically, emotionally, and mentally. Since these comprise a great part of your expression, it is now more than ever time to get away from it all, and enjoy a refreshing Spiritual Journey into the Heart.

This can be your haven for spiritual tranquility and enlightenment in a quantum fashion, as we move through these accelerated times the need to slow down.  It is exactly what will shift your focus from the Third density realities and their illusions to the Fourth dimension of the Heart.

Gaia is in transition now, and you can join this cosmic movement into higher awareness or stay clouded in the confusion of the Third density realities, which are the domain of the Ego the altered self.  The Fourth is the shift into Super Consciousness.

888 was just upon us and now the time is fertile with opportunity to claim the Christ within and to end all lack and limitation modalities from expressing in your life, when you take command of this Christ Presence in the Heart and let it guide you and your families safely through these tumultuous times we are experiencing collectively and individually.

These changing times are indicative of how we have to let go of time and resolve to muster the Faith needed to assist the Ascension of this Earth and all her inhabitants that will consciously make the shift with us, the Galactic Council of Light.

Many of you incarnated for this very reason to assist in the transformation of Terra and all humanity. We will use the energies provided by the Universe in which we abide. 

The God- Goddess energies abound here in so many ways that it is literally something someone must experience to know it and receive its profound Initiation into the Fourth Dimensional aspects of Being. What Macchu Pichu is to South America, Chaco Canyon is to North America.

Here and in the Aztec ruins located close by we will visit Temples that were erected eons ago awaiting our return to activate and radiate  Healing and Awakening Light to all Sentient Beings we share this planet with, excluding none.

Join us in this adventure into fully Awakening the Christ within and insure the possibility of your personal Ascension in this lifetime.

Please consider the times we are living in, that you can definitely make a change for the better by just showing up and leaving the details to Mother Father God and the Ascended Masters.

No two pilgrimages are exactly alike since the ever changing energies are honored and the needs of the group participating, however, this is the 2008 experience agenda.

Day one Opening Circle 
Day two Sacred Sweat Lodge  and visiting Taos Pueblo.
Day three Chimayo Mother Mary's Retreat Day four Bandolier Anasazi Pueblo's Sacred Kiva.
Day five Sacred Circle Day six Aztec Ruins sarcophagus chambers Day seven Chaco Canyon initiation.

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