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Sensei Anthony R. Sanchez    &    Susan Hannah Sanchez

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Mount Shasta, Cascade Mountain Range, California, USA

It welcomes you, as do all the Ascended Masters, Saints, embodied Masters and Angelic Beings who make their Presence known here at one of the seven major energy vortexes on our planet.  The vortex extends out 100 miles in circumference from the center of the mountain holding the energy for individual and planetary transformation at an accelerated rate providing an extraordinary experience.

It is sacred because it has been the place for worship, Sacred Ceremony and visitations for a long time by both the Seen and Unseen.  Many have come and left profoundly changed as their life took on a different meaning, they had a Spiritual Awakening and their perception of what was and now is became crystal clear. 

Mt. Shasta and its surrounding areas hold other sacred sites as well that we will be visiting and experiencing.  Visiting the mountain is like a pilgrimage to a great outdoor cathedral.  Mesmerizing, majestic, magical and pristine in its beauty, awesome in its power, the holiness of all life is remembered.

This is a highly recommended experience for quantum growth at all levels of your being.  The Native Americans honor this place as one of its Great Places for Spirit to meet with Soul. 

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