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Palenque, Mexico - 2009 Autumnal Equinox

“Join the Ascended Masters and the Holy Spirit and the Mighty I AM Presence in an unforgettable journey, an initiation of your Holy Christ Self. We will venture into Mexican Mayan mysticism to discover the true path of the ‘I AM’ initiate seeking to be anointed by the Holy Spirit and thus receive the conscious activation of your Holy Christ Self. The key word is consciousness. This activation in turn uplifts your four lower bodies etheric, mental, emotional and physical, which starts becoming subservient to the commands of the Sacred Trinity of the I AM, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Christ Self. It is the original Divine Plan fulfilled by those who accept this initiation. 

Come beloveds; dismiss your feelings of lack. Take the next step and pursue with great endeavor the opportunity that awaits you available for every man, woman and child who goes upon pilgrimage. [They] receive into themselves a blessing proportionate to the power, which motivated them to take the pilgrimage. [That desire in addition] to their capacity, to receive any spiritual perception and the discipline of the pilgrim who has examined his motivation and who has found within himself the reason for making application to the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light to develop the three flames in his heart, the throat, the head, the encircling of the body of it at the waist to cut off the animal nature and release balance throughout the inner vehicles. Learn how to radiate these centers expanding the boarders of the Kingdom in the quest for awakening now.

We will witness the Kukulkan, [the] serpent, rising up the Stair Pyramid in Chichen Itza. This is the symbol of the shadow beast overcome by the Light of the Christ [within you], by Kukulkan, Christ, the man from the east that came as Quetzalcoatl, the same being known as Jesus. The Christ Spirit will activate your memory that you too are a Christ. 

We are then off to Palenque where Lord Pacal, the great God being, downloads the Living Library of DNA into your conscious awareness. … The Holy of Holies is located in Yaxchilan. These are the last days you will physically be able to visit [some of] these sites as the dam waters are going to be released in April and May of this year [2005] and bring to an end any visitation. Hollering monkeys, jaguars and crocodiles in the Chiapas Jungle come alive with our Sacred Chanting. Let them welcome you to their home as they share [it] with the initiates in their sacred journey home to the Source, Father-Mother God. 

…Here you will complete the trinity of action and receive an indoctrination of the purest light man could ever phantom. It requires commitment, sacrifice, trust, surrender and a willingness to be lead by those who have attained spiritual freedom and Ascended Master consciousness. It is a choice you make and a choice will always be honored and no one is ever thought of as one better than the other. No matter what choice is made it affects you personally and collectively those who are always either assisting the creation of heaven on earth or not. This is the year of expansion and growth. Are you ready to commit?  Make the choice and come if so, exponential growth is possible.”

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