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Sacred Pilgrimage

Sensei Anthony Sanchez in the Garden of Gethesame

"The Quest for an Awakening Now"

The art of Sacred Pilgrimage* is an ancient call to those ready to receive an invitation of the highest nature that are willing to step from the mundane of the world and allow themselves to be taken on a Sacred Journey into the Heart and Soul.

Words can barely describe what happens on Sacred Pilgrimage but the effects are everlasting, priceless and awe-inspiring.

Miracles occur on a daily basis. You live a life of renewed hope and vision. You will walk in the footsteps of the Masters and visit some of the most powerful sites for Spiritual Energy that anyone can experience while still in the physical body.

You will transform into a knowingness of God as real and alive in everything both seen and unseen.

Sacred Pilgrimage is no longer an option; it is a requirement of Ascension. The Sacred Sites change the course of lives for the highest and best good of ALL. So profound and ever so beautiful are these places. They leave you with an impression of the Glory of God and reconnect you with our Sacred Mother Earth. 

You will learn teachings that were once disclosed only Master to Master, in their purest form.  They were never meant to be written but to be freely shared with those who were ready and willing to serve Mother-Father God. The Temples and the Masters and the indigenous cultures await your arrival.  Allow yourself a trip unlike any other. Each trip is unique and filled with Love. 

A Sacred Pilgrimage is a journey into the Heart and so rewarding as it propels you into the next steps of your journey Home to oneness with Mother-Father God.

The best investment of time and money you can make is on your SELF. There the dividends are rewarded in full measure, not only financially, physically, emotionally, mentally but Spiritually as well. The Law of Compensation, the unerring Law of God will see to that. When you dedicate your life to servicing God's Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven, the compensation is always given.

This invitation is sent when all embodied Lightworkers are being asked to re-charge there energies with groups gathering at Sacred Sites and tying there energies with the Beings of Light above and in Mother Earth herself. Those who have experienced a Spiritual Pilgrimage before will attest to the many miracles that occur on a daily basis when one is aligned and on purpose to expressing their God dominion for the greater good of ALL.

There are four times a year that portals open and Cosmic Beings bigger than Earth herself come to offer assistance to those progressing on their spiritual path. These four times are Equinoxes and Soltices. Your life will change for the better, you will feel as if you contributed to the Golden Age of Light that has already dawned and you will align with the energies that will bring you comfort, joy, and faith abounding not to mention a new sense of purpose and Being.


Each pilgrimage is unique even if going to the same place because not only is ancient knowledge stored but sites are also living vortexes of energy to be opened and accessed. 

The information and activation that comes through depends on the evolution of the planet at the time, the energy of those attending and the agreement made with Mother-Father God for the journey. 

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