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I AM a being of the Violet Fire.

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Sensei Anthony R. Sanchez    &    Susan Hannah Sanchez

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How Do We Learn in Sacred Sites?

We learn from resonance at Sacred Sites. When we enter a Sacred Site, we enter with more than our minds we open our hearts and our Intuition to a higher consciousness. This is not the way we are taught in the modern world. We learn with our entire being, and our entire being will shift because of this learning. We understand the Living Library locked within our DNA is in every single cell of our body. When visiting Sacred Sites this Library is activated to subtle energy and we "get it". This is whole body activation and this is exactly as the ancients intended us to learn. 

Use of the mind by itself brings little wisdom and is one of the main reasons humanity is in the shape it is in right now. In Sacred Sites we learn to use all Seven Energy Centers of the body and change our definition of what the mind is, or where it is in our bodies. We learn to listen with our Hearts and access it’s innate wisdom.

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