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Why Visit a Sacred Site?

With the understanding that we are all connected, what we do for ourselves, we do for humanity; and as we heal the Earth, we heal the Universe. Thus, when visiting Sacred Sites, one can accomplish in minutes what might take years. What one awaked person does inside a Sacred Site can help uncountable numbers of people around the Earth.

Because of the heightened energetic frequencies of Sacred Sites, we can advance our spiritual abilities; access inner wisdom locked within the DNA and remember natural healing techniques for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Obtained knowledge and wisdom can also be applied to personal, group, country, continent and planetary karma, even to multidimensional and universal healing and activation. A paraphrased Tibetan saying shares, “One day in a Sacred Site, is like a 1,000 days of meditation.”

As one visits a Sacred Site in a reverent and sacred way, an exchange of energy happens. Each initiate will begin to embody the energy and wisdom from each sacred center they visit, one building upon another. Simultaneously, the Sacred Sites will gain strength and frequency from the initiate. Also, a bonding happens between sites, where each Sacred Site becomes energetically connected to all others on the Earth. 

When the Maya and the Inca perform ancient ceremony, they call in all the Sacred Sites of the earth by name; thus empowering their ceremony, the site and the Earth. Not only do they draw on the energy from all Sacred Sites of the Earth, but also feed them at the same time. It is a symbiotic relationship where unity and oneness with all life is created and expanded.

When we return home from a Sacred Site Pilgrimage, the energy does not dissipate, but integrates with our modern lives. This helps usher in the higher frequencies, furthering everyone’s evolution in their community. This helps fulfill the ancient prophecies of the new Age of Light or the Golden Age. In fact, visiting a Sacred Site can change your life. Many, upon returning home, greatly shift their lives based not on what they have learned, but mostly on how they FEEL.

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