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Universal Law and Creation

Genesis The Beginning of Life Understanding

“He who grasps the Mental nature of the Universe is well advanced on the Path to Mastery.”  Without this Master Key, Master is impossible and the student knocks in vain at the many doors of The Temple. The ALL is mind and the Universe is Mental.” The Three Initiates.

“The lips of Wisdom open to the ears of understanding.”

Cosmic Consciousness also known as Christ Consciousness is available to all who seek diligently and are ready to hear with an inner knowing and to rely on that knowing to reveal the Mysteries of Nature and the Universe to them. So many have wanted to escape the illusionary world of the senses only to have given in to the senses before Cosmic Truth became their ally. Now is the time to consider the possibility of you taking the energy and time required to release yourself from the Illusion and Recognize, Realize and Manifest that which is within you known as Spirit.

I AM suggesting that you come and discover a way of drawing men and women into their True Light within them and to become more dependent in your own inner knowing than any other outside source. “Truly the Kingdom of Heaven is Within.”

These three days will uncover the Truth of Your Being, as you will experience Universal Law to Raise your level of Vibration, to Christ Consciousness.

In the light is the field for ALL in the ALL, there is nothing that is not in the ALL, and the ALL is substance of ALL things…the first Principle of Consciousness states that the Universe is Mental and comes from the mind of the ALL, through the ALL itself is unknowable and indefinable lest it wouldn’t be the ALL. 

There is no self-mastery without the knowingness of the First Principle, which holds the basis for all the other Universal Laws that follow. To some they are just words written in text but to those who search its true meaning, the first step in mastery is achieved.

Once you know how to consciously work with Universal Law you will have the ability to create consciously ALL of your Desires.

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