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Spiritual Healing Retreats

 Spiritual Healings I

Spiritual Healings I is a three-day retreat where we explore and experience some of the finest healing techniques on the planet. This is a workshop for Spiritual Healers, as well as those of you with a strong interest in healing. We will have hands on training in Kinesiology, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Kahuna Healilng techniques, bio-sonic Repattering/Chakra and Meridian Alignments, Sacred Sound and Light Principles. Angelic and unseen Master guidance and intuition. You will have an opportunity to learn all these skills first hand by practicing them with a Master to guide and gently correct you with love and compassion, Aromatherapy, Inductions, Invocations, DNA/RNA Repatterning and learn everything you will need to create a Sacred Space.

Use these talents to provide a source of income for your future as you contribute to the wholeness principles of the Christ Consciousness on our planet. Healers are desperately needed and blessed beyond measure for their services to Mother-Father God and their fellow Brothers and Sisters. Certification is awarded to those who excel in class. Others will be instructors in Training. Come and discover for yourself the possibilities that await you as you step out in Service.

Spiritual Healings II

Spiritual Healings part II is a retreat for those who are seriously considering making themselves available to serve God and their fellow Brothers and Sisters on our planet. We go to a whole new level of training, where we will cover DNA in its entirety, and continue with the Kinesiology II portion of the training. We will learn additional techniques for healing others and ourselves in a relatively short period of time. 

We will learn advanced techniques only shared at one time in Sacred Mystery Schools. This is a must course for those who wish to contribute to the healing of our Planet, and who are considering working with me personally in Hospitals, homes and Future Retreats. It is a pre-requisite for Instructors Training.

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