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7 Flames to Create Percipitation

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Sacred Fire



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7 Flames to Create Percipitation

To envoke the power of a A Flame, state: "I AM the Presence here…I AM the Presence there" and then flame any person, place or situation to transmutate and transform energy.

Alchemical  7 flames

Purple flame
To let go of preconceived notions, forgive myself

Blue flame
Denotes Gods will to be done. Faith, Courage, Strength

Green flame
Truth, concentration. Gods truth not mans truth

White with yellow hue

Yellow flame
Ask for illumination (understand the message and know)

Pink flame
Divine love and compassion. Love creates the cohesion so it stays with us. If you love something it will tell you its secrets. Activates full conscious memory.

Magenta flame
Peace. When I actually know something I am at peace. It has the ability to lock in everything, hermetic seal, flame of desire, become passionate about everything.

Mantra's for Invoking the Power of the Flames:

“I AM” the Supreme Authority God in action, “I AM” the Mighty Presence of this alert, radiant energy, surging through my mind and body, dismissing everything unlike it self.  I take my stand in this alert, radiant energy and joy for all time. (Pass this pure energy as St. Germain would pass his hand down before you.)

“I AM” send it forth to consume anything unlike ITSELF. Command it to be self sustained and cause that perfection to manifest the unceasing Authority and Power and cleanse my world of every discordant thing.

"I AM" Master of my world, "I AM" the Victorious Intelligence governing it. I send forth into my world this mighty radiant intelligent energy of God. I command it to create all perfection. To draw to me the opulence of God made visible in my hands and use. "I AM" no longer the babe of Christ, but the master presence grown to full stature and I speak and command with authority!

"I AM" the mighty magic circle of protection about me that is invincible and repels from me every discordant thought and element which seeks to find entrance or intrude itself. 

"I AM" the perfection of my world and it is self sustained.

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