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Sacred Fire



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Call for the Violet Transmuting Flame

Beloved mighty Victorious Presence of God “I AM “ in me, Holy Christ Self of me and all mankind, beloved Saint Germain and all who have to do with the release of the Violet Transmuting Flame of Cosmic Christ love, mercy, and forgiveness to the Earth and her evolutions.

Let your Violet Fire SURGE up in, through and around me and my entire being and world. RIGHT NOW, this instant and forever. Let it BLAZE in dynamic cosmic power, doubled each instant of each hour, transmuting instantly and forever into the Ascended Master light substance of purity and perfection all life energy I have ever mistakenly qualified by discordant thought, feeling, spoken word or deed.

Let this Violet Fire remove completely this instant and forever--- the CAUSES AND CORES of all human limitations and distresses which I have ever created in my own world and in the worlds of others, as well as anything and everything of a destructive nature I may have accepted into my world which has ever been driven against me.

In the name and by the power and authority of my beloved “I AM” Presence and through the perfection and divinity of my Holy Christ Self of God’s infinite love, wisdom, and power that is the Light of God that never fails, and the Love of God that always prevails;I AM accepting all of this as being done, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, IN FULL POWER. (Repeat three times)

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