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Transmission Flame Service

When mankind voluntarily offers to contribute some of its breath to the forward progress of the race, he automatically receives from life, a greater portion of the gifts that lie within the substance of the air and ethers.

The forming of the bridge from point to point, across the face of the Earth by the voluntary contribution of the breath of certain students and certainly Your Group is a marvelous cosmic action of the Law. We are giving to Chelas and unascended beings, greater responsibility of drawing, absorbing, qualifying, directing and expanding the Flame on the breath. We shall watch closely, carefully, to see how each one cooperates in this endeavor.

On the breath, the students consciously draw the Flame from the Retreat into their bodies as the statement is given. On the sustained breath in the body, the students consciously absorb that Flame and expand it through the pores of the body, through the aura and the atmosphere of the locality in which the group is held. On the out-breath the students consciously direct that Flame, with added quality of their individual and collective Love and Light to the next point on the course of its progress.  As the breath is held out of the body, the student visualize the Flame covering the Earth in a rhythmic, circular movement, loving and thanking that Flame and the retreat from whence it came, from whence it issues forth.

This may be repeated audibly in its fullness, 12 times (by the director only) and then silently by the director/messenger of the group for the next 20 to 30 minutes. It is wisdom for the director, our messenger, from time to time to repeat the rhythmic decree audibly to allow the students to check on their individual rhythms.

Through the kind contributions of energy, time, visualizing faculties and breath of the students, in conscious cooperation with the Ascended Host of Light, is another Cosmic milestone in the spiritual evolution of the race affected. The releasing of Cosmic vibration with a certain definite qualification, whose rapid revolution around the Earth and through the bodies of the people and the nature kingdom, represents the most concentrated action of the Sacred Fire ever drawn, focused and projected for the upliftment of mankind.

Many times have great heights of spiritual glory been attained, and GOLDEN AGES manifested on the face of the Earth where the power of the Sacred Fire was invoked and utilized locally for the benefit of the people, but this is the first time it has been consciously directed around the entire globe, again and again, with the specific intent and purpose of setting mankind FREE from the misqualification of energy, with its attendant results of karma, misery and limitation."
Lord Maha Chohan

"The Ascended Master Retreats and Ancient Sanctuaries that you have visited and are going to visit, shine like celestial jewels, the heart center of each made up of beautiful God Beings who had offered to take the responsibility of becoming transmitters of the Flame of Freedom, until enough unascended mankind might accept this opportunity and draw into themselves the responsibility for establishing and sustaining such Transmission Stations, themselves. 

One day there will be, permanently established, at strategic localities all over the Earth, these foci of the God Power, in which the unascended beings will have earned the right to guard the focused Flame, which comes only when the Law sees that such Flame will be rhythmically, systematically, reverently, and constantly guarded. This will be the era of the AGE of FREEDOM, and these Flames of hope, peace, healing, supply and illumination, will be the source, at which each spirit may receive the personal impetus to develop and mature through the individual lifestreams. 

These Flames will be the balance, holding the GOLDEN AGE of THE MASTER ST. GERMAIN, as the permanent, eternal age of perfection for the planet, and in this small beginning. We see those responding, who have throughout the centuries, drawn, guarded, and wielded these Flames for the protection and illumination of the civilization in which they lived, even as you are being, once again, God Commanded to do."
Lord Maha Chohan

"The sphere of influence of each retreat is determined by the amount of the Sacred Fire that is drawn and focused by the Brothers/Sisters. Naturally, the efficacy of that sphere of influence is determined not only by its size, but by it’s potency. At the Maha Chohan’s suggestion the Transmission Flame Classes were inaugurated to expand the sphere of influence of every retreat on the planet Earth."
Master El Morya

"The channeling and condensing of the subtle energies of the Cosmos, require the investment of tremendous Cosmic energies upon our part, when there are not physical conductors provided. The GREAT COSMOS LAW has not seen fit to allow us to create artificial channels, very often. This is why the establishment of the TRANSMISSION centers, where voluntary conductors and transmitters are available, has brought such great opportunity to those of US who live, but to set life free."
Master Hilarion


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