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Sacred Fire



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Sensei Anthony R. Sanchez    &    Susan Hannah Sanchez

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Sacred Fire

What is Sacred Fire? Sacred Fire comes to us from the core of creation, from Mother-Father God and the Great Central Sun. When called upon and brought into right use it is used to purify, transmute, transform and create. Sacred Fire is electronic in nature and vibrates with the high frequency of our Once Creator God, it animates our form and provides life.

As we uncover our spiritual nature and our true Mighty I AM presence, we can discover and begin to use Sacred Fire to negate karma, to purify and to enact our awakening on our soul journey. We call upon Sacred Fire, the energy from our angels, ascended beings and teh Cosmic Christ to connect and take us to our true natural state of ONE-NESS with all life, known and unknown.

The Ascended Masters ask us to call upon the sacred flames to enact our God presence and amplify our vibrations in order to bring purity to our planet and enact our I AM presence wich is coded in our hearts in our Three-Fold Flame.

Some lifestreams have responded to the impetus of THE NEW ERA and have, through the love of their hearts, drawn around themselves, other devotees of the Flame, writing on the Book of the Akashic, the solemn words:

“The Guardians of the Flame of God, again are ready to supply to the throne for the direction of the Flame into the atmosphere of Earth, visible and tangible to the physical sight of all mankind, and unto this end, do we offer ourselves, our breath, our life, our being.”

Blessed are they who join in one chorus of love, Praise and gratitude to the beloved Presence of God I AM in all things.

We hope to establish TEMPLES at various places on the planet Earth, where focuses of the Sacred Fire may be drawn, to give certain benefits, certain blessings, to the people.  The directors, messengers and lifestreams, who have been chosen as the heart center of this work, are chosen because of the momentum in their causal bodies, which can be a force field through which those powers of the Sacred Fire may be focused, for the blessings of the Elemental Kingdom, the Kingdom of Man, and the Kingdom of the Angels.  Those who have been drawn around these various, blessed lifestreams have not been drawn by chance.  They have been called by the PRESENCE OF GOD and Ourselves and their own hearts and vibrant spirits are a part of those force fields, through which we may flash on an instant, a blessing, a protection and a power of light.

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