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Sacred Sounds - Incantation

Following are examples of the use of sacred incantation to instill higher consciousness awareness and to connect all life everywhere.


Relaxing the body through Droning

Droning on individual sounds can create resonance and relaxation in specific parts of the body.

The Ooo sound may be used to relax the base of the spine, the sacroiliac and surrounding areas.

The Oh vowel relaxes the belly area.

To relax the diaphragm and its internal organs, drone on the syllable Aw.

The chest/heart/lung area resonates with the sound Ah.

Droning on Eh relaxes the throat and neck.

Ih (as if the word if) relaxes the sinuses, eyes and temples.

Eee vibrates the crown of the head.

Close your eyes and get in touch with where your breathing comes from, without judging how you sound, take a deep breath, and begin intoning the sound. Exaggerate the length of the word, drawing each syllable out. For example, O…O…O… In between each, inhale, exhale, and inhale again. Allow your "s" to be long and deep. Be aware of how and where the drone of the sound touches within your body. Be aware if any other subtle sounds emerge from your basic sound. Spend some time with the sound and when you are ready, come back to your immediate surroundings, relaxed.

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