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Sacred Sounds - Prayer

Following is an example of the use of sacred prayer to instill higher consciousness awareness and to connect all life everywhere.


Ho’ Opono Pono - Tahitian prayer
Ka a ku a,ka na kua Ho’ Opo pono
Ka a kua Aumaku`a ua a Ku a a wahu.
I AM (your name) 
Ho’ Opon pono e ah wa huikala

O ka o kane oki huikala kai e ka la o a lahele o ka O ka maluhia no me oe owan no me oe, Ku’Oko’a kaulike o kaulana kaulike huika la aka
Huika la aka – ha mahiki.

This is a Tahitian prayer that translated means:
If any negativity surrounding these people and negativity surrounding my brother /sister any negative forces, anything that would impede them/him/her from going to the pure path of Light. I ask that they be removed.

And so it has been done that this one has been made free. Say it when you are first made aware of a person’s transition. It is an infallible prayer. It works every time. There is no mistaking whatsoever. Such is the beauty and perfection of this prayer. It is timeless, it is powerful and its accuracy has never been denied. The Plaids, the Seven Sisters, gave it to us where it is practiced. Sing one Amen—"Aaaaah-meeen."

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