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Serapis Bey

The octave in which each being has his “natural” conscious expression is earned as the consciousness develops, matures and expands, until finally the Ascended Master Consciousness engulfs the “separate” self and the individual becomes an Ascended Being.  The happiness of this experience cannot be described in words, but in accepting the ascension, the individual intelligence, raising into a higher sphere, forfeits his contact with the sphere below him, except through whatever voluntary channel he can sensitize and which offers, consciously or unconsciously, (through radiation) to expand his particular God-project in that lower sphere.

Everywhere a sensitive and harmonious lifestream can be found, the Masters endeavor to expand the radiation of the God life, and, if possible, impress the God-ideas of the Higher Spheres through the consciousness, to bless mankind.  This is the “unconscious” conductor.  In a much wider degree, we have the “conscious” chela who is not only a conscious conductor of radiation but also an intelligent co-worker with the Masters and angels, in developing and maturing their individual God-gifts in the sphere in which the chela dwells.

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