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Conscious Percipitation of Good

Serapis Bey

The power to think creates form.  The power to feel fills that form with life.  These two activities precede all precipitation (conscious or otherwise).

Most people do not control there thinking faculties and thus the forms created by their thoughts are indistinct and imperfect.  Learn to use your thoughts to create a clear-cut, distinct pattern of that which you desire to precipitate.  Then learn to actually generate feelings of happiness, joy and perfection and thus fill the cup, which is created by you thought.  As you do this for a few minutes at a time, earnestly and without strain, you will begin to enjoy your “practice of precipitation.  Then, one day, you will hold in your hand the actual thought-picture, energized by your feelings, which has become a physical reality to bless you and others.  The question arises:  “Does this precipitation come directly out of the atmosphere or is it brought into my world in a natural way through some individual?”

At first, the precipitation may come through individuals, as one progresses, they can be and some-times are manifested directly from the universal, without the medium of intercession by another unascended lifestream.  Any tension and unbelief in the chela greatly retards his use of the power of precipitation and awaiting a manifestation right out of the atmosphere would not create the proper state of receptivity for the beginner. However when such a beginner starts to receive the objects which he has so faithfully created and nourished (even though they come form human beings) he gains confidence and can then endeavor to produce the actual direct precipitation . It is always wise to begin conscious precipitation with a small object , such as, for instance the rose suggested by beloved Paul, because it is easy to picture a rose and takes less energy to make the mental image and less enrgy to give it perfume, color, and body.

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