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Every intelligence, which has offered to assist the Earth is connected to the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood by a line of energy from this Spirit’s heart. Along this line of energy the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood pours whatever the particular intelligence requires to assist in constructive endeavor.

Conservation of energy and reverence for life are so great in the realms of perfection, that NO ONE would even think of using this energy except to fulfill the divine plan. In the case of well-meaning unascended beings however, unfortunately that is not always true. Thus there is provided a “shut off valve” so that if the chela were to be inharmonious, he is temporarily disconnected from this Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and no tinge of impurity can ever enter into its great presence. When the chela becomes harmonious again, this “valve’ is opened and the life force of the Brotherhood flows freely to bless the earnest one seeking to do God’s will.

Even little undine’s, who have accepted Neptune’s offer to make up the waters on the Earth, come under this rule. While they faithfully perform their services in the rising and falling of the tides, they too have a tiny “lifeline” from the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood that flows into their little hearts. When they become discordant and floods and tidal waves ensue, the “shut off valve” disconnects them from the PEACEFUL PRESENCE OF THIS SPIRIT. This is true of the gnomes of the Earth, the sylphs of the air, and the salamanders of the fire element as well. Knowing this, the conscious chela can call in emergencies dealing with disturbances of nature, for special dispensations to allow the free-will of the forces of nature to be set aside so that the PEACEFUL  PRESENCE  OF  THE  SPIRIT  OF  THE  GREAT  WHITE BROTHERHOOD  may hold the balance so needed in these times.

It is also a great mercy to make this call for your fellow workers when due to certain pressures upon them, they have “ shut off “ their inflow of vitality from the Brotherhood. It is then, more than ever, necessary that they have the sustaining power of that Spirit. It also tends to create a greater TOLERANCE in the chela’s feeling world for, rather than condemnation, he is invoking restoration of another’s peace! TRY!

September 2012

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