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The Use of the Spirit of Resurrection 


The Resurrection Flame is a mercy provided by life and sustained by those beings who, seeing the shadows of limitation and distress, knew that sometime and somewhere individuals would cry out for a way back HOME. These individuals are at liberty to utilize this Resurrection Flame which ignite the potential power of resurrection within the individual’s own heart and thus experience a personal resuscitation of the powers they knew in the heart of the Father-Mother God before the world was manifest as mankind knows it.

As any trained woodsman knows, it is more difficult to kindle a fire with wet timber and no externalized flame than with dried timber. In like manner, it s more difficult to kindle the powers of divinity within the soul, feelings, mind and body of one whose vehicles of expression are not already receptive to the flame, then it is to draw forth the powers of divinity within one whose vehicles are prepared for such a transformation. The cosmic momentums of the flames which are acknowledged by the Spiritual Hierarchy, fed by their breath, sustained by their guarding presence, can do much to ignite the spiritual spark within a man, if he chooses to accept their presence and invoke their assistance in his own behalf. for this reason, the Spiritual Hierarchy has chosen to point the foci of the Sacred Fire already established and available for all who choose to use these momentums in such a manner.


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