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TRANSMUTATION, TRANS-SUBSTANTIATION, DIVINE ALCHEMY—when boiled down to their natural activity—are merely the CHANGING OF THE QUALITY OF ENERGY CONSCIOUSLY.  All men do this with unconsciously, some with constructive results, bringING peace and happiness to the energy of one who is worried or distressed, others with unhappy results, taking the energies of one at peace and by driving discordant feelings into that energy, makes it literally “boil” and I have seen energy BOIL on many occasions!

BUT CONSCIOUS TRANSMUTATION of energy is the activity of the Seventh Ray.

It is the drawing of energy into a form (just as a musket is loaded) and then releasing the “spark” by which the energy is released to accomplish the required results.  It is scientifically accurate and when students understand this, better results will be forthcoming.

If there is no channel (worded decree or visualized form) the energy is not condensed enough to do the work.

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