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Dissertation by Saint Germain

February 13, 2011

Remember the joy of forgiving.  Most people cannot ENJOY forgiving, because of the resentment against injustice which they hold in their feelings.  However, at your command, in the name of the “I AM”, this can and will be consumed as you persist, and you will feel TREMENDOUS relief from pressures  of feeling you did not know were in your world.  Try it and see.

Oh Beloved Violet Fire of merciful freedom’s forgiving love, I love you! I earnestly and most sincerely call you into dynamic action NOW in, through and around my entire being and world, knowing your healing presence can never bring me anything but happiness and release from that which never should have been for me or any part of life, anywhere.  Saturate my entire being and world with your heavenly presence, substance and power of LIGHT, which as surely as it is called forth, just automatically BEGINS to bring, my world into perfect, divine order through divine love and hold it thus forever,  FOR WHERE THOU ART,  nothing but GOD CAN LIVE!  In your great wisdom, release to and through me now and forever ALL THE POWER OF YOUR ACTION you see my world can use.  Make and keep me as free as you are, NOW AND FOREVER!  I thank you for your presence in the universe and your willingness to set me free.



DEAR FRIENDS, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THIS CALL TO FAIL.  If you doubt its efficacy, remember this, you are somewhat familiar with the LAW OF GRAVITY, are you not?  If you throw something up, it must come down to Earth.  Well, THE LAW OF YOUR BEING is such that when you call to an intelligence greater than your outer mind, IT IS COMPELLED TO ANSWER YOU, just as surely as that which you sent up came down.  Think this through! (It is a simple COSMIC TRUTH.)

Oh thou beloved presence of God, I AM in me, oh thou beloved Threefold Flame of Eternal Truth within our hearts! Beloved Saint Germain and Jesus and all Great Beings and powers and Legions of Light, angels and activities of the Sacred Fire.  In the name of the presence of God which I AM and by the magnetic power of the Sacred Fire vested in me, I decree:


Blaze  and  sustain  God’s  Violet  Flame

through  all  my  world  today

(say before each following line)


Beloved I AM    (say 3 times)

By Freedom’s Hand!    (say 3 times)

Give quick release!    (say 3 times)

Bring instant peace!     (say 3 times)

Blaze  and  sustain  God’s  Violet  Flame

Through  all  my  world  today

(say before each following line)


By Sacred Fire!     (say 3 times)

It’s God’s desire!     (say 3 times)

Dissolve the human!     (say 3 times)

My world illumine!     (say 3 times)

I command it done today!

I command it done to stay!

I command it done God’s way!

Beloved I AM     (say 3 times)

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