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Conscious Percipitation of Good

Saint Germain

As it is the service of the Seventh Ray to actually bring into manifestation the perfection of the kingdom of heaven on Earth, we are all vitally interested in the training of chelas to receive the perfect pattern for that permanent Golden Age. The power to invoke aid from the individual I AM Presence and the Ascended Ones is essential to both transmute the imperfect manifestations of the past, as well as to create anew a more perfect mold and design. Therefore, while the Spiritual Heirarchy and the chelas are gathered together in beloved Lanto”s retreat, where the Science of Precipitation is the primary activity, I cannot urge you too strongly to ask the brother or sister form this retreat Rocky Mountain Retreat/The Tetons to help you enjoy learning to consciously precipitate something of a constructive nature.

Enjoyment in learning makes the process of assimilation and use of knowledge both quicker and more efficacious. “Duty study and duty application” both produce fatigue, strain, and stress. Let us then ALL fill the atmosphere of Earth with beautiful pink roses, radiating their perfume through the emotional , mental, etheric, and physical consciousness of all people. See how many actual pink roses come into your possession in the next thirty day period. You will be amazed and delighted at the results. Be sure, however, to accept every such tangible rose as an actual precipitation and acknowledge your Source as the giver and the gift as well.

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