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The spirit of the Great White Brotherhood has many messengers in the divine realm, for every Perfected Being is only willing to respond to this spirit and serve on any level of consciousness where there is a need for more light. The angelic host, are particularly messengers of this spirit and that is why, in this New Era, it is part of the duty of the Seventh Ray to bring a closer understanding to the outer minds of mankind as to the nature of the angels, their reality and their desire to serve the Earth and her evolutions.

As Chohan of the Seventh ray, I am engaged in helping to bring this understanding to people who can and will accept the assistance of angels. The co-operation of the angelic host with enlightened human beings is part of the New Era, which it is my joy to bring to Freedom’s Star. You may well ask what sustained the Holy Innocents and people of light before the coming of the “laggards” and creation of maya, which caused Sanat Kumara to come to Earth and to create the spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. I will tell you. It was the spirit of the Cosmic I AM Presence whose vibratory action was and is so high that the present consciousness of even the most spiritually developed people on Earth today could not reach it!

It was to “step down” this Cosmic I AM Presence vibratory action that could be assimilated by the sluggish souls of men that Sanat Kumara created the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood (a child, you might say, of the Cosmic I AM Presence). In the same mercy, the physical Sun “ steps down” the vibratory action of the Great Central Sun and your own individualized I AM Presence “ steps down” the vibratory action of itself into the Holy Christ Self. This does not mean that any of the processes of slowing down the vibratory action of God allows imperfection to register! It is only perfection moving more slowly for the benefit of those consciousness, that cannot reach the subtle vibratory action of the cosmos. All acts according to Law, even as your great electrical currents are consciously magnetized and “stepped down” in frequency so that they may be used to illumine your homes and temples.

The speed of vibration of any God gift is always determined by the receptivity of those who can be benefitted by it. The frequency of this vibration is always under the control of divine intelligence and never impinged upon by impurity. Only in the human octave does the frequency of vibration become tinged with impurity because it is not under the conscious control of the individual directing the frequency of the manifestation. You can have a very slow, but perfect, frequency. When the intelligence directing the electrons to move at a certain rate of speed, consciously directs them so to do for an impersonal and God- directed reason. Thus when we manifest through our radiation and our instructions, we consciously lower the frequency of the vibratory action of our instruction and radiation to a point where the brain consciousness can receive it.

However, we are masters of that energy and its movement. As mankind’s outer consciousness is quickened, the speed of that consciousness (the etheric, mental and emotional) will, of course be accelerated and we will not have  to use so much vital energy to perform this “stepping down” of the graces, which we desire to give. Thus to “quicken” the receiving stations (outer consciousness of the people) will mean a tremendous conservation of our energies, as well as the energies of the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood as a whole. When Earth has become Freedom’s Star, this spirit will remain as the Silent Watcher of the Earth! Hasten that day!

September 2012

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