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The Use of the Spirit of Resurrection 


My service in the Great White Brotherhood is to teach the conscious power of invocation, of already established momentums of the virtues belonging to the Godhead, for the stimulation of the dormant divinity within mankind. My activity will only appeal to those who believe that other beings have developed and sustained these virtues and that the momentum of their service is available to those who desire to invoke their powers and use their gifts for their personal blessing as well as the blessing of the evolution to which they belong.

There is nothing mystic or occult in the presence of the flames of God, which have been drawn and magnetized by lifestreams who have freed themselves from limitation by their use. Likewise, there is nothing mysterious in the magnetizing of these virtues and momentums to stimulate the expression of divinity through every lifestream. It is a science, exact and irrevocable in its activity, for those who desire to use it. Most of the civilized world benefits from the discoveries of electricity and other gifts of science, although few used their personal energies to develop these gifts.

On the spiritual frontier, there are also tremendous foci already established and equally available to the entire race. This is a heritage left by the Great Ones who drew, magnetized and sustained these gifts for the use of those brave enough to experiment with their presence in the universe. Such a gift is the full, gathered momentum of the Resurrection Flame. The nature kingdom uses it (not knowing the full details of its inception an sustenance). For the most part, mankind have not chosen to believe in its presence nor to draw into their own spark of divinity the practical, working activity which could transform all shadows into light.

For the few willing to experiment with the power of the Resurrection Flame, we all stand willing to assist in directing this flame from the heart of the Sacred Fire through the individual soul, stimulating the potential Resurrection Flame within them! I wait to see who among you will do this! The Sacred Fire is merely concentrated energy, qualified with a virtue and power, which is available to help any man to develop his own potential divinity. It is called “Sacred Fire” because it is God-qualified. Its potential, is within your own human heart. Call it forth, bathe in the full, gathered cosmic momentum of this flame given to you by their constancy and expanded it by their use of it in their personal redemption and planetary or universal service. I challenge you to TRY! We shall see!


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