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Saint Germain

#1-Feeling Energy continued: “... that which is not possible of manifestation somewhere in the universe.  The more intense the feeling within the desire, the more quickly it will be attained.  However, if one is foolish enough to desire something that will injure another part of God’s Children or any other part of his Creation, then that person will pay the penalty in discord or failure somewhere in his own life’s experience. 

It is very important to realize fully that God’s intent for every one of his Children is abundance of every good and perfect thing.

He created perfection and endowed his Children with exactly the same power.  They can create and maintain perfection also and express God dominion over the Earth and all that is therein.  Mankind was originally created in the image and likeness of God.  The only reason that all do not manifest this dominion is because they do not use their divine authority, that with which each individual is endowed, and by which he is intended to govern his world.  Thus, they are not obeying the Law of Love by pouring out peace and blessing to all Creation.

This comes about through their failure to accept and acknowledge themselves, temples of the Most High Living God, and hold this acknowledgement with eternal recognition.  Humanity in its present seeming limitation of time, space, and activity is in the same condition a person in need would be to whom someone held out a handful of money.  If the needy one did not step forward and accept the money held out to him, how in the world could he ever have the benefit, which it could bring?

The mass of mankind is in exactly this state of consciousness today and will continue in it until they accept the God within their hearts as owner giver and doer of all the good that has ever come into their lives and world.  The Personal Self of every individual must acknowledge completely and unconditionally that the human or outer activity or consciousness has absolutely nothing of its own.  Even the energy by which one recognizes the Great God within is radiated into the Personal Self by the Great God Self.

Love and praise of their Great Self within and the attention maintained and focused upon the truth, health, freedom, peace, supply, or any other thing that you may desire for right use presently held in your conscious thought and feeling will bring them into your use and world as surely as there is a Great Law of Magnetic Attraction in the Universe.

The eternal Law of Life is that whatever you think and feel you bring into form where your thought is; there you are for you are your consciousness and whatever you meditate on, you become. 

When one allows his mind to dwell upon thoughts of hate, condemnation, lust, envy, jealousy, criticism, fear, doubt, or suspicion and allows these feelings of irritation to generate within him.  He will certainly have discord, failure, and disaster in his mind, his body, and world.  As long as he persists in allowing his attention to be held by such thoughts weather they be about nations, persons, places, conditions, or things; he is absorbing those activities into the substance of his mind, body, and his affairs; in fact he is compelling, forcing them into his experience.

All these discordant activities reach the individual in his world through his thought and feeling; [thought] often flashes before one is aware of [it] in the outer consciousness, which he might use to control it and this kind of experience should teach him how great is the energy within his many creations which has accumulated through habit.

The activity of feeling is the most unguarded point of human consciousness.  It is the cumulative energy by which thoughts are propelled into the atomic substance and thus do thoughts become things.  I tell you the need of guarding the feeling cannot be emphasized too strongly for control of emotions plays the most important part of anything in life in maintaining balance in the mind, health in the body, success, and accomplishment in the affairs and world of the Personal Self of every individual. Thoughts can never become things until they are clothed with feeling.

The Holy Ghost or the Holy Spirit is the feeling side of life, God, the activity of divine love or the Mother expression of deity.  This is why sin against the Holy Ghost is referred to as that which brings such great distress because any discord in the feeling breaks the Law of Love, which is the Law of Balance, Harmony, and Perfection.

The greatest crime in the universe against the Law of Love is humanity’s almost ceaseless sending forth of any kind of irritable and destructive feeling.

One day the race will come to realize and recognize that the sinister, destructive forces manifesting on this Earth and in its atmosphere, generated mark you by human thought and feeling, have only entered the affairs of individuals or nations through the lack of control in the emotions of everyone’s daily personal experience.  Even destructive thoughts cannot express themselves as actions, events or become physical things except by passing through the world of feeling for it is in this phase of manifestation that the activity of coalescing the physical atom upon the thought forms takes place.

As the noise from a sudden explosion shocks the nervous system of one who hears it setting up trembling sensation[s] in the cellular structure of the body in exactly the same way do the flares of irritated feeling shock, disturb, [and] disarrange the finer substance in the atomic structure of the mind, body, and world of the person who sends them out consciously or unconsciously, intentionally or unintentionally.

Discordant feeling is the producer of what we call disintegration, old age, lack of memory, and every other failure [in] the world of human experience.  The effect upon the body structure is the same as that produced upon a building if the mortar holding the bricks together were to receive repeated shocks [and] in each day those were to be increased.  This continued shock would shake apart the particles composing the mortar, the building would collapse into chaotic mass, and the form be no more.

That is what mankind is constantly doing to the atomic structure of the human body.

To give expression to the discordant thoughts and feelings in one’s self is the course of least resistance, and the habitual activity of the underdeveloped, undisciplined, and willful individual who refuses to understand the law of his own being and bring the Personal Self, which is but his instrument of expression into obedience to that law.

He who cannot or will not control his thoughts and feelings is in a bad way for every door of his consciousness is wide open to the disintegrating activities thrown off by other minds and the emotions of personalities.  It takes neither strength, wisdom, nor training to give way to unkind destructive impulses and the full grown human beings that do this are but children in their development of self control.

It is a blight upon the life of mankind that so little control of the emotions is taught humanity from the cradle to the grave.  Attention to this particular point is the greatest need in the Western world today.  It is easy to give way to discordant thoughts and feelings and activities.  Feelings to be sure because the mass of mankind is submerged as it were by environment and association entirely created by themselves.

The individual through his control of the outer consciousness must make the effort to rise out of this condition by his own free will in order to transcend these limitations permanently and no one can hope to rid his life and world of misery, discord, and destruction until he leashes his own thought and feeling.  In this way he refuses to let Light flowing through his mind and body become qualified by the discord resulting from every little disturbing occurrence in the world about him.  At first such discipline does require determined continuous effort for the thoughts and feelings of 95% of humanity run as uncontrolled and free as a little tramp dog.

However, no matter how much effort it takes to bring these two activities under control it is worth any amount of time and energy expended and no real permanent dominion of one’s life and world can take place without it.  It will be our pleasure and privilege to teach you the use of these high laws and their application will enable you to release true wisdom and bring about all perfection.

The first step to the control of yourself is the stilling of all outer activity of both mind and body 15-30 minutes at night before retiring and in the morning before beginning the day’s work.  Using the following exercise will do wonders for anyone who will make the necessary effort. 

For the second step make certain of being undisturbed and after becoming very still picture and feel your body enveloped in a dazzling white Light.  The first five minutes while holding this picture recognize and feel intensely the connection between your Outer self and your Mighty God within focusing your attention upon the Heart Center visualizing it as a Golden Sun.

The next step is the acknowledgement, ‘I now joyously accept the fullness of the Mighty God Presence, pure Christ.’  Feel the great brilliancy of light and intensify it in every cell of your body for at least 10 minutes longer.

Then close the meditation by the command, ‘I am a Child of the Light.  I love the Light, I serve the Light, I live in the Light, I am protected, illumined, supplied, and sustained by the Light and I bless the Light.’

Remember always one becomes that on which he meditates and since all things have come forth from the Light, Light is the supreme perfection and control of all things.

Contemplation and adoration of the Light compels illumination to take place in the mind, health, and strength in order to come into the body and peace, harmony, and success manifest in the affairs of every individual who will really do it and seeks to maintain it.

All the way down the centuries in every age under every condition we are told by all who have expressed the greater accomplishments of Light that the Light is supreme, the Light is everywhere, and in the Light exist all things.

That truth is just as true today as it was a million years ago.  As far back as there is any record of humanity, the wise and great ones of all ages were portrayed with a radiation of Light about them emanating from the head and body itself.

This Light is real just as real as the electric lights in your homes.  The day is not far distant when machines will be constructed to reveal the emanation of Light about every individual to the physical sight of anyone who cares to observe it.  Such a machine will also show the contamination or discoloration that becomes a cloud around the Light of God by which the Personal Self generates through discordant thought and feeling.  This and this only is the way in which the energy of the great lifestream becomes polluted.

If you will practice this exercise faithfully and feel it in every atom of your mind and body with deep, deep intensity, you will receive abundant proof of the tremendous activity, power, and perfection that abides and is forever active within the Light.  When you have experienced this even a short time, you would need no further proof.  You would become your own proof; the Light is the Kingdom, enter into it and be at peace.  Return to the Father’s House.  After the first 10 days of using this exercise, it is well to do it three times a day morning, noon, and night.

We often hear the complaint; oh I cannot give all that time.  To any who are of that opinion, I wish to say simply this; [consider] the time the average person spends in criticizing, condemning, and blaming people, conditions, and things for not being something other than they are; for this recognition and use of Light will make Heaven manifest on Earth for the individual who dares to try and has determination enough to maintain it nothing is impossible the Light never fails.

The Light is God’s way of creating and maintaining order, peace, and perfection throughout his Creation.  Every human being on this Earth can have all the time he wants in which to do this when his desire to do it is intense enough, the intensity in the desire itself will reorder the world of the people, conditions, and things to help you provide that time if he earnestly wishes to use it for his upward climb.  No person in the world is an exception to that law for the intense desire to do anything constructive when it becomes intense enough is the God power that releases the energy necessary to create and express the thing desired.

Everyone has the supreme privilege of contact with the all-powerful Presence of God.  It is the only power that ever did, does now, or ever will raise the Personal Self in its world above earthly discord and limitation.

My beloveds try this with great determination and know God in you is your certain victory.”  Saint Germain

Oh America

“Beloveds oh that the people of America could only understand what tremendous possibilities stand before them waiting, waiting, waiting for them to turn away from creeds, cults, and dogma, ‘isms’, and all else that binds and limits by keeping their attention on the Great God Presence within their own hearts.  Oh that they might realize what freedom, power, and Light awaits their service dependent only on their recognition and we of the Great Loving Presence within breathing through them each moment know and feel the almighty control it has over all manifestation. 

Oh could they realize that their bodies are the temples of the Most High Living God who is ruler of Heaven and Earth that they might know what it means to love that Mighty Self.  Talk to it and acknowledge it in all things and feel the reality of that Presence with at least a great a certainty as they do other persons and things.  If they only feel the closeness and reality of the Great Presence deeply even for a moment, nothing could ever again stand between them and the same mighty supreme accomplishment as Jesus and other Ascended Masters have attained.

Oh America, beloved Children of the Light let this Great God Presence its wisdom and power surge through you now and see how quickly God’s Kingdom can and will manifest upon the Earth.  America is the Wayshower among the nations being the Light that heralds the incoming Golden Age regardless of her present condition that Light shall burst forth and consume the shadows that seek to disrupt her ideas and love for the Great God Self.”  Saint Germain


Saint Germain is the Chohan, Lord of the Law, of the Seventh Ray of God, Hierarch of the Golden Age of Light, champion of freedom.  His retreat is in Transylvania.   The Maltese cross is his symbol.


"I urge you all, fervently I urge you, to state unto the Universe, unto the Multiverse:


As you state this knowingness within your breast, you raise your frequency. The vibration of I AM will begin to pulsate within you. The Violet Flame will become ignited within your breast. The Flame of Freedom will set you free from your shackles and fetterments.
This is how you set your planet free. This is how you bring peace upon the land. You bring peace to your own breast. You align and attune your own song, your own tone:

OOOMMM. GOD I AM. Flame of Freedom I AM. You are the regent. You are the Child of the Stars. You are the stars."
Master St. Germain

 You Create Your Life

"Beloved, you create your own experience; if you create discord and disharmony, that is because you have aligned it unto your own presence not necessarily consciously but to bring forth wisdom, knowingness, and divine awareness. When you embrace it without judgment and love unconditionally, when you align and attune yourself to its beauty and divinity because you, as divine God I AM have created it, then it will dissipate. It will merge with the Source because it is not necessary to be reflected to you any more, you have merged with it. There is a saying in your time, ‘You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.’ You are thirsty; I am giving you the water. I am reflecting it to you. It is up to you to drink." Master Saint Germain

(Channeled on Sacred Pilgrimage to Chaco Canyon)

As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end.  Humans again will walk side by side with angels, elementals and the Masters to co-create with God restoring the Garden of Eden, Heaven on Earth again.


A Dissertation on Forgiveness, What It Really Means

Forgiveness is an essential component on the spiritual path.  The true reason, however, is often misunderstood.  Many people don’t want to forgive because they feel the individual in question “does not deserve forgiveness.”  It is felt that what the person did was too reprehensible and heinous to deserve forgiveness.  They were hurt too deeply.

Forgiveness actually has nothing to do with the other person at all.  Who they are and what they did is largely irrelevant.  It has to do with you, your own inner freedom and desire to move forward in your life.

When someone does something to you, in the past that you did not feel was right, who carries the anger toward that person?  YOU DO.  Who carries hatred toward that person?  YOU DO.  Who carries the negative feeling toward that person?  YOU DO.

If you forgive that person, who lets go of the anger?  YOU DO.  Who lets go of that hatred?  YOU DO.   Who lets go of those negative feelings?  YOU DO.

When we continue to hold grudges against others for previous offenses, the person we are really hurting is ourselves.  It is a weight we are carrying in our own hearts and minds.  Why would you want to give another person that kind of power over you?

Forgiveness creates the space to free us of these old burdens and see life fresh and new.  There is one person in particular; I would like you to start too forgive.  You know their name.  This is a person who you have verbally accused, and even physically abused, for too much in your life.  Once you forgive this person, lit will be much easier to forgive and love others once you start forgiving this person.  That person is you.  The road to freedom, inner peace and true love likes in ‘forgiveness.”

When you forgive it is equally important to forget. Leaving those things behind and pressing forward into a new found freedom of the past.’

To forgive is to choose love.  It is the first skill in self-serving love.  Adonai.
I AM the Son of Freedom,
Master Saint Germain

Trinity Of Divinity

“Greetings Beloveds! Your awakening will be revealed to you in every moment of your future.  Listen to your thoughts, listen, they are telling you something about yourself, about from whence you came, about to where you go, [and] about that which you are.  Listen to one another; hear with your heart; heed with your soul, for they are you and you are they.

The ultimate understanding of all life is I AM and you will come to know this.  That is all there is really in this tale I tell you, you are God.  All the rest is commentary and how you love commentary!

I AM here to allow you to know that you already know.  I understand who you are and I AM here for you to understand who you are.  What else is a mirror, and in this reflection, I shall depart.  But parting is sweetness and sorrow in the same drop of now.  Dance with dire circumstance.  Fleece yourself in friskiness.  Partake heartily of humanity and heal the wounds with your own wisdom.  Heal the Earth with the birth of you.  So be it.

You know in departing in this particular experience of now, I shall take wings unto flight and soar unto the forevermore.  Join me if you will.  It will be a journey of jubilation.  Go into the night sky.  Gaze unto the illumination therein.  Blend and bask within the brilliance that is the mirror of you.  You are I AM!  Forever be I AM!  Forever know I AM, the ultimate of God creation, the OM of life.

Farwell, I really do not wish to leave but it is the ripeness of time.  The grapevine of your consciousness is heavy with the words.  And as you whisper these words of wisdom to your brothers upon the Earth, remember to tiptoe through the tulips.  Tenderly and gently caress your brothers into wisdom, not forcefully.

Love, Light, and laughter [are] the trinity of divinity.  Your wishbone is my command.  Your funny bone is yours.  Always have a laugh up your sleeve, because that is where your funny bone is, you know.  Be buoyant, light hearted, like children, the children of Christ.  Namaste, which is an ancient Sanskrit understanding: The God I AM of my soul salutes forever the God I AM within your being.  Farwell Adonai.”

Master Saint Germain,
Keeper of the Violet Flame

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