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Conscious Percipitation of Good

Paul (The Venetian Master)

Acceptance that the individualized I AM Presence would have only GOOD to externalize through the outer self, places the chela in a consciousness of expectancy, hope, and confidence. Realization that the improper use of the powers of precipitation ( in destructive thought, feeling, spoken word and action) has created distress and limitation for the individual and for the entire planet evolution, places the consciousness of the chela in a state of clear recognition that limitation is man’s creation and abundance is God’s creation. When these two important facts are accepted, particularly in the feelings the chela can begin to transmute his limitations through the use of the Violet fire as he was intended to do so, and fulfill his divine plan.

Thus his own I AM Presence will assist him to do by releasing to him ideas, prompting and thought patterns which can be externalized, if the chela is constant  in his development in practical as well as mystical ways. Examine as carefully as you can the motive behind the idea, prompting or thought pattern you receive, to be sure it is selfless and will be beneficial to all life. When you have considered this and can say, as did the Source of all life , looking upon His creation “ It is good”, then proceed to externalize that idea. Think upon it. Fill it with your love. Practically endeavor to make “thoughts become things”. I give you an assignment. Create in mind, energize with your love and physically manifest a pink rose!

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