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The Use of the Spirit of Resurrection 


Some people call the immortal flame of God within the heart, “The Presence of God,” others refer to it as the Holy Spirit. Regardless of the name they choose to give it, it matters much the amount of freedom we allow this Presence to act through the outer personality. All in our octave have used certain aspects of this flame and have achieved freedom liberation and immortality thereby. Each such a one adds to the cosmic power of the impersonal flame, whether it is of healing, illumination, resurrection, precipitation, faith or peace.

This entire heritage becomes the common property of all who follow upon the path, if they accept its reality and choose to use it. Thus you have the privilege of utilizing the life energies of those who have become that which you desire to be, if you can be humble, grateful and desirous of “ reaping where others have sown”. Many, beset by the sin of spiritual pride, prefer to sow for themselves and reap their meager harvest without the assistance and loving cooperation of the Elder Brothers and Sisters of the race. Because of free-will, all are given opportunity to walk alone or in the company of the Elect.


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