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The Service for Beloved Paul the Venetian

Our love and gratitude extends to the beloved Venetian, Chohan of the Third Ray, in gratitude for his service to life in developing the consciousness of tolerance, understanding, tact, diplomacy, without guile, and that gentle, kindly impersonal love of life which gives encouragement and spiritual stimulus to the brothers and sisters walking the path back HOME.

As he points the children of Earth to the COMFORT of the Secret Place of the Most High within the heart, and asks all to throw the strength of their feelings into acceptance of that Presence which abides within the Heart Flame, we ask that all who read these words, accept his radiation, and, concentrating on the feeling of the ever-Presence of God, REALIZE the truth which makes all free!

For his service in sustaining the presence of beauty on the planet Earth, we thank him eternally.    El Morya


Master Kuthumi  explains the Third Ray’s Service  

The Third Ray is the first expression of the Holy Spirit in the world of matter, and the remaining four rays complete this creative activity under the supervision and direction of our Lord the MahaChohan.

The First and Second Rays represent the Fatherhood and the Son-ship of God, which, when thoroughly assimilated, prepares the student or chela to enter consciously into the path of creative activity, in accordance with the divine plan.

The Master, known as Paul the Venetian, is the Chohan in charge of the Third Ray of the Holy Spirit. It is his great service to translate the divine plan into physical expression.

After the chela has mastered the silence, has become aware of the divine plan (which is freedom for the Earth and all evolving upon it), and has come to the realization of his own oneness with the Father-Mother principle of creation under the First and Second Rays, he is then prepared to draw that divine plan into manifestation from the higher world and become, instead of the listener, the doer.

You are familiar with the symbol of the Holy Spirit, which is the hand. The hand signifies activity, the giving forth of energy. A conscious creative force flows through the hands to render physical service. Thus the Third Ray is the first point of contact between the spiritual realm (where the divine plan stands completed) and the physical world, which is still the primal substance that must be moulded after the divine pattern.

This ray has not been stressed sufficiently in any avenue of learning and yet it is one of the most valuable activities that can be assimilated by the lifestream. One may learn and study for eternity, but until that knowledge has been applied it is worthless.

The Venetian has been referred to as “The Master of Tact, Diplomacy and Beauty”, and thus has been looked upon as an idealistic form of aesthetic living, rather than a practical,dynamic and forceful expression of the divine mind in the world of form.

Truly, tact and diplomacy are a part of the Third Ray man, because in converting the outer world’s poor appearance into the divine plan, either in a locality or a nation, the more that can be accomplished through these qualities----rather than a bombastic shattering of existent form---the better. In a word, the divine plan, in order to be of any practical use, must be drawn into the physical expression and moulded into the substance of the Earth plane, and it is through this great ray that the process of transmutation takes place.

Students of the Law have received limitless hints of the divine plan in regard to their personal lives, and I would advise them now to avail themselves of the opportunity under the direction of the great Venetian to translate their part of that plan into physical expression.

Feb 2, 2013

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