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Chi Kung Breathing and Meditation

The breathing is done in the following manner, in through the nose, out through the mouth, and the tongue is at the roof of your mouth. The meditation portion is you bringing your awareness and intention to the area you will be working on.

Chi Kung heals the internal organs, the Chinese believe that to be strong in the physical world you must first be strong in your internal domain.

Chi Kung is an art form that is thousands of years old. It works today the same as it did in the beginning and with practice it can be easily mastered to give you total health of mind, body and spirit. The body is used to do movements, the mind is used to focus and concentrate, and the spirit is used by the power of faith, hope, and a peaceful state that is attributed to the practitioner of these movements. It heals areas such as the lungs, heart, kidneys, spleen, liver, lymphatic’s, the Endocrine System and Chakras, as well as balancing the energy fields around the body, such as the Meridians. The Chi Kung exercises are easy to do and afford one years of increased life span, less sickness and dis-ease, by the cleansing and healing of all the internal organs. A Chi Kung master of 80 is said to have the equivalent heart condition of an 18 year old male. Chi Kung will enhance your health, mental clarity, and Spirituality.

Sensai Anthony R, Sanchez

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