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T'ai Chi

by: Sensei Anthony R.Sanchez


“Be still as a mountain yet flow like water. Which means to be determined and focused, whilst remaining flexible, also to be firmly rooted whilst flowing fluidity.” Do you ever feel life is getting more stressful? It is! The increasing stress in today’s world is one reason T’ai Chi’s growing worldwide popularity. It is designed to help people go through change with less damage by improving the way we handle stress. Studies show change is stressful, even though change is good. If the stress that change causes isn’t managed, it can damage your health outlook on life. About 90% of the discoveries made in the history of the human race have been made in our lifetime, so it is safe to say we are all going through some serious changes… and stress. T’ai Chi’s ability to help you “let go” of this stress more easily is just what is needed today, and for your future. Isn’t it amazing how something thousands of years old is becoming the perfect remedy for most of our ailments, physically, emotionally, mentally and Spiritually.

Whether you are stressed out, continually exhausted, treating health problems, or just wanting to get back in shape and feel young again, T’ai Chi is just what you need. It goes right to the heart of everything we do by healing and cleansing the Central Nervous System. It does it by releasing all the nervous tension that bogs down our mental computer system, like getting a self-alignment everyday. This makes everything inside us work better which often makes the world around us seem better too. So T’ai Chi is really a self-improvement tool that will make you better at anything you set out to do. Unless of course you want to be stressed out, exhausted, uninspired, and feel old and out of shape, in that case it won’t help.

Some things that T’ai Chi does quite effectively are: Relaxes in mind, body, and our lives. Promotes internal strength for both young and old. Tones are shapes the muscles, increases flexibility, and is the best balance training in the world. Increases our awareness of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Can be done anywhere with no special equipment needed. Retards and reverses the aging process. Assists in letting go of old patterns and behaviors of lack and limitation. Helps you to heal yourself and restore your well being. So must more could be said that it would take a sizable book to cover it all. Finally an exercise that feels good and has no side effects.

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