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Testimonials - Mystery School

I have never met a more committed individual. In Sacred Mystery School studies many times I heard him say, “Nothing is more important to my commitment to Mother-Father God.  No excuses offered.”

Before I open my eyes in the morning I remember this fiat and I take a deep breath, turn up the burner on my Three-Fold Flame and send my gratitude and love to Mother-Father God, my Mighty I AM Presence, my Holy Spirit, my Holy Christ Self, my Perfect Body Elemental and Mother Earth for giving me life for another day and a place to live it.  I activate the Shield of the Brotherhood and joyfully and humbly take my place in the scheme of Heaven on Earth.  I hope eventually everyone can do the same, with gratitude and love.
I AM M. A. Johnson

Regarding Spring Equinox Mystery School Retreat:

By practicing the prosperity code chants that were given, my business increased three-fold within the first week. 

The most powerful class I have ever taken was Awakenings I. It was able to heal and release old thought pattersn that were holding me back. I had a Kundalini experience that was beyond words and the ground interaction was very deep and meaningful.
Joan Bakke


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