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Sensei Anthony R. Sanchez    &    Susan Hannah Sanchez

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Testimonials - Retreats - Ascension

It was the most uplifting, inspirational weekend I have ever experienced! Anthony is the most loving, giving person I have ever met. He is the ultimate healer and teacher. He truly wants the best for everyone; he wants everyone to know God and Jesus and the Masters and Goddesses just as he does. Today I have been truly blessed by knowing him and experiencing his retreats! My life has most definitely been changed for the better! I can honestly say I have Ascended into my spirituality!
Michele Ramsay

After Rebirthing with Anthony, I was freed from a lifetime of feeling unworthy and able to move into the Christ Consciousness.  Nothing has changed my inner life as much as Rebirthing.  I recommend this to everyone who wants to release all that is holding them back from their full potential. 
Joan Bakke

In two sessions I was able to experience a Kundalini experience that is beyond words and afterwards I experienced the true peace of God, pure bliss. 
William Smith

I felt a peace and accomplished something I once believed I couldn’t do, heal myself of addictions and depression.”
Shirley Moore

The purpose of this note is to notify those interested that I truly enjoyed my Ascensions workshop. I had the best weekend that I could ever experience. Do not miss it if it is given again. You will not regret it. It was a great weekend that I will never forget.
Sylvia Winborn

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