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Testimonials - Workshops - T'ai Chi

Judy O'Leary, a 55 year T'ai Chi student said practicing T'ai Chi gives her a profound feeling of accomplishment. "I've developed a real sense of body awareness in just a few weeks. I'm moving joints and muscles on a regular basis. And this will let me enter the second half of my life with enough mobility to be going strong" she said. T'ai Chi creates more elasticity and strength in major joints of the body. Recent studies published in the American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation show T'ai Chi may stimulate growth in bone and connective tissue in people with rheumatoid arthritis. T'ai Chi's sustained, slow rotations and flowing movements encourage the health of cartilage surfaces at the bone ends and may help stop the degeneration of joints and promote joint health. It's one of the best, lasting ways that i know of to reduce and combat stress. It's practical and user-friendly, easy to do and easy to stick with because once you get into it, you feel better right away. "The Eastern concept of movement relates the energy of the air, Earth, fire and water with that of the body. Through a series of T'ai Chi movements, we can draw on that energy to strengthen both the inner and outer self.

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